TAPARIA : Pioneers in making Hand Tools

In its 50 years of existence, Taparia Tools Limited (TTL), a Mumbai based hand tools manufacturing company has deployed every known right method to market its products across the country. This was necessary, as it initially had formidable competition, mainly from tool manufactures in the unorganized sector & other Indian companies. TTL today commands almost 70-75 % market share in the organized sector. “ Marketing a high quality hand tool is quite a task, says CMD of TTL, in a market. Taparia believes that Hand Tool is an extension of a human hand. Whereas human hand performs many remarkable activities but there comes a limitation e.g. where some nut or a screw has to be tightened, the human hand alone will not be able to do it and there comes the role of a Hand Tool, – Which Means An Extension of a Human Hand.

Quality of “TAPARIA’ Brand tools everywhere is well received and appreciated by all. The company presently has large number of distributors, distributing its products all over India. Besides the sale in India ‘TAPARIA’ Tools have been exported to a number of countries since inception to U.K., Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, U.S.A., Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Panama, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Ethiopia, Kenya, Dubai, Hong Kong, Thailand, Egypt, Australia etc.

Seeing the recent trend of quality conscious consumers opting for sophisticated but reasonably priced ‘do-it-yourself’ tools. The company has launched a variety of home tool kits for housewives and kids and utility sets for vehicles. “We see a huge market for these products in an evolving market. “ The company has already started showcasing these products in shopping malls and utility home product store that are multiplying.

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