Wedge Mounts

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Dynemech Wedge Mounts are designed for industrial machinery that require precision levelling. This three piece wedgemount has an adjustable bolt which moves the centre wedge between the top & bottom wedges. Anti-Skid plate is provided on the top wedge therefore, machines are installed as free standing. The movement of the center wedge provides precision height adjustment which can be used for machine leveling. Large supporting surface ensures solidity and rigidity. All Wedge Mounts have a specialized elastomeric insulation plate at the bottom which provides vibration damping capabilities. This rubber moulded sheet at the bottom is tuned to absorb specific machine vibration frequency. The syntetic rubber sheet is resistant to water, oils, lubricating oils, fuels etc. used in the shop floor. Different models of Wedge Mounts are available depending on whether the machine needs to be

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The Marketing Manager
The Marketing Manager
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Dynemech Systems Private Limited
101, Priya Apartments, Opp. North-Ex Mall Sector-14, Rohini New Delhi – 110085 (India)

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