Thermal Spray Coatings

Thermal Spray Coatings
Product Description

KeepSake Engineering Consultancy is a manufacturer, job shop and a specialised engineering firm. The one thing that its products and services have in common is that they reduce wear caused by abrasion, friction heat and corrosion. The company specialises in applying Thermal Spray Coatings to solve problems related to wear. It has four categories of thermal spray systems, viz., flame, spray, arc spray, plasma transferred arc, spray and fuse. It applies ceramic, carbide, stellite and hastealloy coatings. Thermal spray is a means of depositing a superior coating material having desired properties over a relatively in expensive base material (substrate). The applied coating improves the life of treated components without affecting it mechanical properties. All thermal spray processes have three steps in common: feed coating material (in a form of wire, powder and rod), heat that material to semi-molten stage, and transfer the material by force of gas or compressed air to the part to be coated.

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The Marketing Manager
The Marketing Manager
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Keepsake Engineering Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.
2 – Meldi estate near gota railway crossing, Gota, Ahmedabad Gujarat 380481

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