Superstrip 200 Rust Remover

Superstrip 200 Rust Remover
Product Description

Superstrip-200 Rust Remover is the latest formula 3-in-1 rust removing solution for fast and economic removal of rust and scale from iron & steel surfaces. Moreover, superstrip-200 is safer to handle than similar conventional acidic products and it leaves a phosphate coating which protects from immediate rusting. It is based on light acids, accelerators, solvents, surface active agents and inhibitors for quick decreasing, rust removing and phosphate action. It is used in concentration of 10 to 50% with water at temperatures ranging from room temperature to 80° c. The higher the temperature and concentration, the faster the results. Normally 10-20 minutes are allowed after application for the superstrip-200 to act before scrubbing with wire brush for removing rust and final rinsing with water.

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The Marketing Manager
The Marketing Manager
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Chem -Verse Consultants (India) Private Limited
P. Box No. 6791, Plot No. 120/5, Jasud Bhavan, Road No. 24-A, Sion West Mumbai - 400022, Maharashtra, India

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