Maximum Demand Controller

Maximum Demand Controller
Product Description

The H.T. consumers have to give their Maximum Demand of power to the electricity boards. Any consumer, if crosses this sanctioned demand, has to pay heavy penalties. One should continuously monitor the demand to maintain it within the limit or control the maximum demand value. SYCON ILM does this job & safeguards the customer from heavy penalties. SYCON MD Controller continuously senses the 3 phase voltage & current, calculate the total KVA integrated over last 15 minutes or 30 minutes as per the selection. This integrated demand is displayed & compared with the set values and an intimation relay will be energized if the demand is approaching towards set higher setting. It compares the Average KVA with the set MD & accordingly gives signal to cut the load if any and control the demand within safe limit.

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The Marketing Manager
The Marketing Manager
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Systems & Controls (Sangli) Pvt. Ltd.
C-24, MIDC, Miraj 416410 Sangli, Maharashtra, India

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