Liquid Shim Plates

Liquid Shim Plates
Product Description

MM1018 – The liquid backing plate – is a highly filled metal polymer for full-surface and non-positive compensation or filling of inaccuracies and bumps between metal elements such as head plates, bridge bearings, crane runways and rail guides and steel components. Due to its high dimensional stability, MM1018 is also suitable for use in prestressed connections. More than 1,000 structures worldwide are already based on the liquid lining plate, DIAMANT MM1018.

Pasty version for applying and inserting. Product cures at room conditions. Compressive strength of up to 133 N/mm².

MM1018 pasty is a product with general building authority approval (abZ). Approval number: Z-3.82-2042


  • Very high compressive strength
  • Low creep properties
  • Fast curing
  • Corrosion and weather resistant
  • Easy application by spatula for almost every gap situation
  • General building authority approval (abZ)
  • Seawater resistant, ABS design assessment
  • For best metal character after processing

Typical applications
Gap compensation, non-positive connection

  • Headstock bumps
  • Bridge bearings
  • Crane and guide rails
  • Silos
  • Steel hydraulic engineering
  • Steel construction and structural steelwork
  • Tunnel construction
  • For connections steel to steel and steel to concrete.

Contact Person
Mr A Srivastava
Company Name
Diamant Triumph
65/6, A.P, Complex, 3rd Floor, Sarjapur Main Road, Agara Village, Junction, Bengaluru,
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Company Profile

Diamant Triumph's Corporate Policy is One Company, One Team, One Way. Their mission is to Protect, mend, connect: Diamant Triumph products and services help their customers to avoid costs and preserve value ;
1) As composite materials, protect surfaces and thus extend the service life of pipes, pumps, pipelines, containers, etc.
2) As correct faulty castings and make them usable as repair materials. as impregnation materials protect porous structures and increase their durability.
3) As a "liquid lining plate" to create non-positive and positive-locking, full-surface and permanently corrosion-resistant connections without mechanical processing.

Product and application solutions from DIAMANT protect the environment and conserve resources by:

1) Increasing the stability and service life of machines, systems and structures.
2) Reduce rejects and thus unnecessary consumption of raw materials.
3) Play a key role in repairing defective products, machines, systems, constructions and buildings and making them usable again.
4) Limit material losses.
5) Shorten construction times and thereby also reduce energy consumption and wear and tear on the machines used.

They act as a team and respect each other as individual personalities.

Their strength as a DIAMANT community results from the actions and thoughts of each and every one of them. The combination of their individual strengths, characters and ideas characterizes their mutual success. Fairness, honesty, trustworthiness, loyalty and respect characterize their dealings with each other and the dialogue with their customers.

One can trust the sense of responsibility of a family business and see them as part of the family. DIAMANT understands family as protection and reliability. They promise their customers excellent service in every respect. Keeping this promise also gives them a reassuring perspective: long-term secure jobs thanks to satisfied, returning customers. This includes their assurance of constant further development and continuous improvement. In the interest and for the benefit of the customers and to secure their own future.

  • Liquid Shim Plates

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