Hygienic Piston Pumps

Hygienic Piston Pumps
Product Description

Traditional pumping systems for particulate products have always been a daily problem for all processors who need to move or pump whole or diced fruits or vegetables. Problems caused by the high cost of triplex piston pumps, the poor efficiency of lobe pumps, the damaged product resulting from the use of screw pumps, or the low pressure losses which double diaphragm pumps need. HRS Process Systems has found the solution to all of these with a piston pump which

  • Does not break the product.
  • Delivers high flow rates (up to 12 m3/hr).
  • Allows high-pressure losses (30 bar).
  • Can work under vacuum.
  • Is self-priming.
  • Can work empty (without product).
  • Requires few spare parts.
  • Has no rubber in contact with the product.
  • Can work at high temperatures (100°C)
  • Adjustable flow

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The Marketing Manager
The Marketing Manager
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HRS Process Systems Limited
201 / 202, Karan Selene 851, Bhandarkar Institute Road Pune 411 004, India

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