High-Vacuum Transformer Oil Filtration and Dehydration Plants

High-Vacuum Transformer Oil Filtration and Dehydration Plants
Product Description

High-Vacuum Transformer Oil Filtration And Dehydration Plants are suitable for all types of electrical insulating oils. We have standard high-vacuum filtration and dehydration plants to remove moisture (free as well as dissolved), gases, dirt and oxidation products from mineral-based and synthetic, silicon oils and others. Systems are in flow rates from 300 LPH to 12000 LPH. Custom built plants can be provided as per customer’s specific requirement, such as more flow-rates. These plants work on low temperature, high vacuum principle. Plants mainly consist of heating, filtration and vacuum system. Heating system aids to the filtration and moisture removal. Filtration systems remove suspended particles down to 1 micron such as rust, dirt, scales, colloidal carbon etc. Vacuum Systems remove moisture (emulsified as well as dissolved) down to < 5 – 10 ppm depending on the working vacuum of the plant.

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The Marketing Manager
The Marketing Manager
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AR Engineering
L - 77, Additional M.I.D.C., Satara - 415004, Maharashtra INDIA

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