Heat Resistant Ceramic Coatings

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Keepsake Engineering Consultancy Pvt Ltd offers Heat Resistant Ceramic Coatings. Blast furnace tuyeres in steel industry are subjected to following service condition: 1) Service temperature is approx 1200°C, occasionally temperature shoots up to 1500-1600 248°C; 2) Erosive atmosphere due to falling lumps (size approx 10 to 15 mm) and high velocity air passage; 3) Corrosive gases like hydrogen, carbon monoxide, sulfur; and 4) Occasional molten metal/slag splashing on the base material leading to further damage to material. Solution was offered to improve wear life using thermal spray ceramics and high temperature sealant. Multi layer coatings of bond coat + top coat + sealant are applied. 1) The barrier coat reduces the direct effect of temperature by reducing heat transfer caused by conduction, convection and radiation. Thus the base material retains properties, which it could have lost at high temperature exposure. 2) The final coating material is normally a ceramic oxide. Industry uses are mostly limited to stabilised zirconia or alumina. 3) All ceramic oxides are oxygen transparent hence oxidation resistant bond coat is provided. 4) Coatings can detach at high temperature due to variation in co-efficient of thermal expansion. Hence depending on base material a graded CTE matched material is applied.

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The Marketing Manager
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