Gloss Meters

Gloss Meters
Product Description

At NUNES Instruments you will find highly accurate digital gloss meters. Colour and gloss are two different and important parameters to determine the surface conditions and characteristics of the piece that lies in front of you and has to be measured. To ensure a homogeneous impression of a product that consists out of several components, the knowledge of the gloss value of each part is very relevant. Product examples are found for example in the automotive industry, where the components of the vehicle interior are manufactured in different stages of production and then are joined. In the end-product, with respect to their visual appearance, no difference between the individual components should be visible. To achieve this, the use of gloss meter is indispensable.

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The Marketing Manager
The Marketing Manager
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Nunes Instruments
No. 789/1109, Avinashi Road, Opposite Regional Passport Office Coimbatore - 641018, Tamil Nadu, India

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