Gaseous Pressure Gauge

Gaseous Pressure Gauge
Product Description

Type: Commercial / Weather proof / Glycerin filled Specification: Nominal sizes: 4 Case and Bezel: MS rust protected / S S with Crimped bezel/ S S with screwed bezel Wetted Parts: Brass / 316 / 304 S S / Moment: Brass / 304 S S Pressure Range: up to 1000kg Application: For Air and gas products and shall not clog the screwed end especially for Oxygen, Nitrogen, LPG, Argon, Acetylene, Helium. Optional: Other standard threads Tailor made dial markings

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The Marketing Manager
The Marketing Manager
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Kains Instruments India Private Limited
No. 9A, 1st Cross, 3rd Main, Abbigere Main Road KG Hall, Jahalli West, Bengaluru - 560015, Karnataka, India

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