CED Coating Technology

CED Coating Technology
Product Description

Extremely high corrosion protection. A 20 micron dry film thickness can withstand as much as 1000 hours salt spray test ASTM B117. Able to coat highly recessed areas and complex shapes with a very high degree of accuracy and repeatability. Transfer efficiency of more than 95% reduced paint wastage.

Water - based technology eliminates risk of fire and reduces air and water pollution. Freshly deposited film is insoluble in water, permitting complete rinsing and recovery of dragged out material. Uncured paint is dry enough to allow careful handling. Unlike spray coatings, CED paint does not sag during curing. Unlike dip coatings, CED paint does not wash off in enclosed areas due to hot vapours. Simple Process - eliminates dependence on skilled manpower. The deposited film is reproducible from part and from day to day

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The Marketing Manager
The Marketing Manager
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Ponengineers (P) Ltd
81, Kalyani Industrial Estate, Vanagaram Road, Athipet, Ambattur Industrial Estate Chennai - 600 058. Tamilnadu, India

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