Built-In Cylinder Rotary Power Chuck

Built-In Cylinder Rotary Power Chuck
Product Description

These are Taiwanese chucks and we are the dealers for the same in India. It used to be complex for users to convert a manual chuking system to a power one, since setting up a hydraulic system not only is expensive, but also is troublesome. JATO Rotary Power chuck is specially designed to helpusers to set up a power workholding system in a low cost way. With a built in cylinder, JATO's Rotary Power Chuck allows users to easily and quickly set up a power work holding system and saving cost on purchasing an additional rotary cylinder. Rotary power chucks comes with both air and hydraulic models that range from small sizes to large ones, giving users more options to choose from

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The Marketing Manager
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The Jaws Mfg Co
Plot no. 103, Ramtekdi Industrial Estate,Hadapsar,
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We are manufacturers of wide range of accessories for machine tool industry. Our product range includes Power Chucks, Hydraulic and Pneumatic Cylinders, Power Packs, Power Chuck Spares, Soft Jaws (Steel & Aluminium), Hard Jaws & all other Chuck Spares. We can also manufacture special soft jaws as per your requirements and designs
:Mission :
To deliver the finest engineering products to the industry manufacturing the utmost quality
To be unparalleled in manufacturing engineering excellence, quality, customer service to the industrial world.
To accomplish this, the company made a bold move by shifting its production and offices to an improved and enhanced place in Pune, Maharashtra. With the state-of-the art facilities, the company has been able to expand production capacity and cater to growing customer demand. It can now boast of manufacturing a variety of Chucks, Rotary Cylinders and Spares and a lot more.

Quality, Service, Experience and the capacity to fulfil the customers expectations has been the company guiding principles. We define quality in terms of customer satisfaction, prompt delivery, customer service, distribution, and perfection in our product. The company has been living these principles for more than 30 years. The success of these principles has seen the company through the slump. The company is now growing at a phenomenal rate.

Our continuous research and development has enabled the company to move to this level. This research is carried out based on the input the company receives from certain customers. We believe "Innovate or Evaporate."

The combined effect of the company's mission, vision, the enterprising culture, dedication has transformed The JAWS Mfg. Co. into a truly 21st century organization.

  • Built-In Cylinder Rotary Power Chuck

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