Bird Rodent Rats and Pigeons Repellents

Bird Rodent Rats and Pigeons Repellents
Product Description

Bird Rodent Rats and Pigeons Repellents - Sonic

Bird - Repeller a Naturan Predatory Principle

The BIRD REPELLENT is using a natural predatory principle to scare un wanted birds away from your farm, orchard, garden, factory, Industry, Electrical Sub Station, yard or any other properties.

PIR sensor detects the movement of Birds

The PIR sensor is used to detect movements of the Birds.  And the Extra powerful loudspeaker broadcasts predatory calls of the hawk, falcon, eagle, and owl species. A special effective sound that is creating the non comfort zone for the BIRDS.

Auto Mode for Effectiveness

Moreover, the user may choose to use the AUTO function with a 5-30 minutes time interval may be set for the SONIC BIRD REPELLER to operate automatically. The Effective BIRD REPELLER has a sensor. The sensor allows the Bird repellent to operate only in the daytime. Because only during the dat time the birds are active.

Birds Affected :

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The Marketing Manager
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