Auto Self Cleaning Filters

Auto Self Cleaning Filters
Product Description

As the water enters into filter inlet 1, it is prefiltered through the coarse screen 3 to prevent large particles entry that will damage the fine screen and internal parts.
At a preset value, back-flushcontrol unit 12 opens flushing discharge valve 9 and a strong back-flush stream that goes off to the atmosphere via drainage pipe 11 occurs. That flow creates a suction effect in front of the nozzles 6 and sweeps the dirt collected on the fine screen.
The dirty water sucked from the fine screen surface flows through the collector pipe 7 and the hydraulic turbine 8 and impels a rotary movement of the dirt collector while going off the drainage pipe. At the same time the drop of the pressure in the hydraulic turbine 5 and drainage of piston 10 force the dirt collector into an axial movement. This turning and axial movements together create a helical movement that enables the suction nozzles to sweep the entire screen area.
When backflushing is completed, a second flushing cycle is automatically triggered by pushing the collector assembly to its original position and the filter remains ready for the next flushing cycle. The combined flush cycle takes 10-60 seconds depending to the model. During backflushing the filtration process is not interrupted.
For models equipped with automatic self-cleaning coarse screen, the automatic valve which can be adjusted by timer opens automatically, and the dirt layer accumulated on the coarse screen is scraped off by hydraulic current and is discharged.

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The Marketing Manager
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