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Product : Turning Gear

Turning Gear

Wiperdrive Engineering

Turning of crankshaft is performed by means of an electrically driven turning device, which is built on the engine. This turning device consists of an electric motor, which drives the turning gear through a gear drive and a worm gear. There is a control box available. Which allows the turning to be accomplished from any position near the engine. The turning speed is nearly about 4.8 rpm.

The engaging and disengaging of turning gear is made by the lever. The turning gear is spring-loaded outwards in order to prevent it from meshing with the flywheel when out of operation.

The turning gear is provided with a start-blocking valve, which prevents starting is case the turning gear is meshing.

For careful adjustment of the crankshaft position a hand wheel is provided by which with which it is possible to perform manual turning.

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