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Product : PLC Based Hydraulic Training Kit

PLC Based Hydraulic Training Kit

Vedant Engineering Services

PLC Based Hydraulic Trainer is designed to demonstrate operation of various Hydraulic Circuits with help of PLC Controller. The trainer used different electrically operated hydraulic valves & electronic sensors to demonstrate real life applications of Hydraulic Power.
Being one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of the finest range of Hydraulic Systems, SPM's & Industrial Automation, we engage in using the finest machinery and materials in its manufacture.The components supplied along with the trainer include:-
 Direction Control Valves (Solenoid Operated & Hand Lever Operated),  Pressure Control Valves, Flow control valves, Check Valve,
Linear Actuators, and  Accumulators etc.Each hydraulic component like valve, cylinder etc is mounted on a mounting plate & has adaptors for making connections using hoses. Input to the PLC comes from proximity switches & the PLC operates the hydraulic valve in programmed sequence.


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