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Product : Semi - Automatic Block Machine PBM-06

Semi - Automatic Block Machine PBM-06

Sri Parijatha Machinery Works Pvt. Ltd.

Parijatha PBM-06 is a semi automatic block machine which can produce high quality concrete products which meets all quality requirements. The Concrete Paving Block Machine consists of a sturdy frame which houses the pressing and the mould cylinder system including the specially designed vibrating system. The over head hopper is used to fill in the mixed material which is fed from a mixer through a conveyor. The raw material pours into the mould by the press of a button which is a power operated discharge system. The raw material is then levelled off by pulling the scrapper lever manually. Then by operating a single button the vibration and pressing cycle is completed in the predetermined steps and frequencies / speeds to produce the perfect block. This crucial step is completely automated using a PLC, and the quality of the final product is the best. This Concrete Paving Block Machine is simple, easy to use and needs the least maintenance.  The finished Blocks are removed along with the pallet from behind, by the operator and placed on racks.
The hydraulic power pack is specially designed to work under rugged working conditions like dust heat and operator abuse. The inter changeability of the mould is easy and the changeover time is short.
The compact size of the moulds makes it inexpensive and is used by many manufacturers to make special products which need not be produced in large numbers. The electric panel is designed with PLC system and is simple enough to be operated and maintained by basic operators.
The PBM-06 Concrete Paving Block Machine is very popular among small manufacturers and bigger companies have this machine as an alternative to make smaller special products at a fraction of the cost. Parijatha, always designs machines keeping in view of the ease of operation, maintenance and working, which is fully incorporated in this machine.  
Parijatha Semi - Automatic Block Machine PBM-06: The Parijatha semiautomatic block machine “PBM–06” comes with a pallet size of 600x450mm. • It is hydraulically operated. Motorised material feed box is provided for back layer. • It has an automatic product ejection system.
• It has bottom vibration system, synchronized by PLC control with hydraulics and electrical.
• It has a production capacity of 900 ~ 1000 cycles / 8 hour shift (Depending on operator efficiency).• The power requirement of the machine is 10 H.P. Products that can be manufactured on this machine include fly ash bricks, pavers, hollow blocks, solid blocks, and kerb stones

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