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Product : Rollon PTFE Slide Bearings

Rollon PTFE Slide Bearings

Rollon Bearings Pvt Ltd

Pipe supports are used to eliminate damage at the pipe crossings caused due to lateral or linear movement of pipes and are ideal for use between pipe & pipe supporting structures or at pipe crossings. They also find usage as structural supports / expansion plates for boilers, pressure vessels, air pre-heaters, electro static precipitators etc. These sliding bearing supports permit unrestricted movement at free end, owing to the changes in temperature or during loading / unloading or due to seismic effect. If the supports are rigid, stress will be developed at the supports & causing major damages to the structure. Pipe / structural supports are generally designed to meet the requirements of BS 5400 standard section 9.1. Rollon bearings design & manufacture the pipe supports / structural supports with ROLLON SLIDEWAY material as the interface material. ROLLON SLIDEWAY is a composite material consisting of PTFE & sintered bronze along with special wear resistant additives. It is a self-lubricating, wear resistant material suitable for temperatures up to 260° c and not effected by weather & most chemicals.They can also supply the sliding supports with interface material in virgin PTFE, graphite or any filled PTFE to suit the customers specification.


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