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Product : Thrustor Operated Brakes

Thrustor Operated Brakes

Orton Engineering Pvt Ltd

"ORTON" make Thrustor operated brakes are suitable to work on 415V. 3 Phase A.C. supply for a wide range of drum sizes from 100 mm to 400mm dia with braking torque ranging from 6KgM. to 110 KgM. The mechanism is balanced to give equal shoe clearance throughout the face of drum. The torque is applied by heavy duty compression springs or weight with thrustor.

Thrustor is an electro-hydraulic device designed to exert a constant force to any mechanism to be operated. This thrust can be effectively used in actuation of any part of mechanism like levers, to achieve the desired result. The self contained, compact unit needs only 415 V/3 Ph electric supply to actuate it.


  1. Self contained unit-needs no external components or accessories
  2. Constant thrust at all positions of working stock
  3. Smooth & Jerk free linear motion.
  4. Compact & maintenance free.
  5. Lower power inputs & low heat generation
  6. Permissible upto 720 operations.
  7. Thrustors are totally enclosed with IP-55 degree of protection.

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