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Product : WM/WN - W Series Wide Throat Chemical and Hygiene Screw Pumps

WM/WN - W Series Wide Throat Chemical and Hygiene Screw Pumps

Visflow Helical Pumps

 Hopper type suction inlet allows gravity flow of plastic viscous media on Augur cum coupling rod pushing viscous substances into pumping cavity. Standard pumps employ mild steel hopper pump casing with alloy steel rotating parts. For corrosive or hygienic duty, all contact parts will be in SS material. Shaft sealing by soft gland packing / mechanical seal. Delivery connection in BS, ISO, ASA, ANSI flanged ends and for hygienic applications, IDF /SMS/ Tri clover or equivalent are used. Bridge Breaker Paddle Assembly is available as option for products forming bridge while handling high consistency media and referred as WM/WN/BB series of Pumps.Salient Features:  Suitable for all media up to most thick pulpy consistency with highest content of solid or fibrous material. Open hopper type inlet with force feed screw upstream of rotor and stator. Torsion-free metal bonded stator for increased stator life and higher efficiency per stage pressure.Pulsation, turbulence or aeration free metered flow proportional to the speed.Capable of developing up to 48 bar even at low pump speed.Easy and quick maintenance, which does not require any special tools.Temperature range from –40C to +200C.


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