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Product : ITO PET film, ITO coated plastic price, ITO film

ITO PET film, ITO coated plastic price, ITO film

Techinstro Automation

Techinstro automation supply a wide range of optically clear ito coated pet films. These clear, conductive liquid/film are used as coating on a flexible plastic (pet) sheet. They also deal in supply of ito pet sheets that are used in scientific research and lcd/oled manufacture. Only one side of ito coated pet plastic is coated in ito, which enables it to be used flat of a blade. It's not possible to solder toito coated pet plastic, but conductive inks, paints, copper tape with conductive adhesive can be used; also alligator clips to connect. Our products offer good conductivity, ideal for shielding material, oxidation resistance, corrosion & wear and tear resistance, simple installation, competitively pricing. We offer to customize pet sheet roll as per individual client requirement;they are used in computer, household appliances, telecommunications, calculators, electronics toys and various electronic controllers and other field. Pet sheet roll supplied by uspromise absolute protection for safeguard of sensitive electronic parts, printed circuit boards, even pin insertions & other highly electrically sensitive equipment.It Is known to have long life and doesn’t get affected by temperature.

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