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Product : Vertical Continuous Casting Machine

Vertical Continuous Casting Machine

Stoker Concast Pvt. Ltd

Aleading manufacturer of Vertical Continuous Casting Machine For Copper in the shape of rods, strips & tubes directly from scrap or virgin copper (Cathode) & copper based alloys including precious alloys. These machines are specially suitable for smaller diameter rods for wire rod industry. The feed metal in the form of swarf, turning, borings, chips etc of the alloy are fed from the top into a graphite crucible which has two portions & is heated by graphite heating elements. It is a resistance heated furnace. At the top of the crucible a super - cooler assembly, along with graphite die, is fixed vertically keeping the die immersed in molten metal. The super cooler is cooled by re-circulation of water. The molten metal enters the die & gets solidified in the shape of die bore. The solidified metal is continuously withdrawn at very fast speed with the help of withdrawal unit driven by SERVO motor, coupled with gear box.there by giving a continuous length of the casting in the shape of rod strip or tube.Principle of Vertical Continuous Casting: Concept consists of graphite heating element, heated furnace with graphite crucible furnace and holding furnace, together with graphite die and super cooler assembly with withdrawal mechanism driven by PLC based servo motor crucible is made of two parts used for  Melting of scrap / Virgin metal, Casting / Holding Unit.Molten metal from the melting side enters in the casting and holding unit. which, acts as a reservoir of molten metal maintaining the required casting temperature.
The furnaces for melting and for casting are lined with refractory high-alumina fire bricks and with low mass insulation for minimum heat loss. The melting takes place under a reducing atmosphere with a floating charcoal or graphite flake cover, ensuring minimum reaction of oxygen from air. Under the prevailing reducing conditions the service life of the refractory is generally extremely good.
Water-cooled super coolers with graphite dies are mounted on top of the holding crucible.During the continuous casting operation metal flows into the graphite casting die where it solidifies. The solidified rod is intermittently withdrawn in a 'pull-pause' sequence by means of withdrawal equipment, driven by PLC based servo motors with touch screen molter. After leaving the graphite die, which is housed within the primary cooler, the cast strands pass through a copper tube called super cooler through which cooling water is passed at a specific flow & pressure maintained automatically in which removes the surplus heat contained in the solidified rod.
Vertical Continuous casting machines are best suited for Wire rod industry for casting copper rod or copper alloy rod.


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