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Product : Power Press

Power Press

Saraswati Machine Tools Pvt.Ltd.

Power Press is used to punch the aluminum/ tin sheets in the required cap size with the help of the die mounted on it. We manufacture Power press of types -Inclinable & non inclinable.Whole body is made of resitant steel. Properly sized components are sturdily connected with accurate weld to ensure a rigid structure. All part are specially machined on precision machines for perfect alignment of guiding surface and ensure long tooling life. Pressed are equipped which centralized and one shot lubrication system to all bearing surface of side guides, slide face and bed of each press are hand scrapped and provide and smooth movement of side square. Resulting in highly accurate press work extendeda life of press-tool. Heavy duty cast iron slide runs in extra long cast-iron guides and bearing surfaces of slide guides, slides face and bed of each press are hand scrapped and provide and smooth movement of slide square. Resulting in highty accurate press work extended life of press-tool. Eccentric shaft is made from carbon steel and ground finished bearings surfaces. All main and pitman bearings are of heavy walled Nickel Phosphorous Bronze bushes with hand scrapped.They made bolster places are precious ground with T-slots or drilled. We are equipped with double rolling key, clutch and components are made from alloy steel properly heat treated to give long trouble free surface.All flywheel and gear guards are heavy weldments conforming to press safety codes.


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