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Product : Low Pressure Bag Filters

Low Pressure Bag Filters

SMD Engineering Equipments & System

Low Pressure Bag Filters the most characteristic feature of the low-pressure pulse jet technology is the low pressure of the blowing air vessel which is less than Minimum bar pressure. whereas conventional systems are operated . For this reason, far less mechanical precautions need to be taken and the primary energy needed for the cleaning process is significantly less. For cleaning the flue gas is routed to separate raw gas chambers via the raw gas duct and the raw gas butterfly valves. In order to prevent wear out and local deposits the flow is routed downwards into the hopper via deflectors with a preliminary removal of large particles taking place right there. The pre-cleaned gas, then, is brought to the filter bag from below and passes the filter media from outside to inside. During this stage the remaining impurities are removed. The supporting cages located inside the filter bags prevent collapsing of the bags during the filtration phase. The cleaned flue gas leaves the filter bags moving up into the clean gas chamber and is routed to downstream units via the clean gas header line



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