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Product : Horizontal Universal & milling machine

Horizontal Universal & milling machine

Raman Machinery Corporation

The Machine has automatic feeding arrangement in longitudinal, cross and vertical direction, having selection from different speeds. The millilg sprndle is fitted in two taper roller bearings. The different spindle speeds which are in geometrical progression are obtained by means of sliding gears, by u,hich only such gears come into mesh which are necessary for the desired speed. All the gears run in oil-bath the u'ear thus berng minimized.The table has a strong cross section and a coolant groove, fitted with a strainer at the draining point. The table screw has ph. bronze nut which minimizes wear and tear. The table screw is mounted on taper bearings which takes the axial load ofthe screw. Table slide is hydraulically operated and the cross-slide is hydromecanically operated. Quick hydraulic retraction and forward movement of cross-slide is provided. The cut is taken by hand to avoid any damage to work piece and grinding wheel.The knee is well braced by internal partition walls giving it the greatest stability. In all respects, it has been carefully designed with wide slide surfaces which gives a rigid support to saddle and table. The vertical screw for raising & lowering the knee is provided with thrust bearings for talang the verlical load. The feed gear box is built on side of the knee. The base, which at the same time serves as a coolant tank is simple dimensioned and healy. The coolant pump and coolant pipes are so dimensioned that enough coolant is supplied to the cutter. The column owing to its special form is very n-uid and all guides are hand scraped.

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