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Offline UPS

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Offline UPS along with modern battery management setup with mechanical re-loading function. Our product offers genuine sine wave input and line interactive. Our Offline UPS possess an impeccable mechanical safety from very low as well as high current, over-voltage, low battery, overload or short circuit. offline UPS offers complete voltage safety from spike and surges to the electronic instruments.They have particularly designed our offline UPS for critical electronic equipment. It is cost saving data server with recent energy transformer methods. At present, considering the demands of the customers to deploy substantial limits batteries for prolong support time, we have delineated this unique series. Our offline UPS is available with isolated hefty duty CCCV charger or near 8 10 AMPS as well as batteries of approx. 150 AH may be deployed with our range in a comfortable manner. Customers can also obtain external battery facility and in grade of 600VA - 3000VA.
Essential Characteristics: Our product is microprocessor supported designed with OV/UV breakdown safety. Highly dependable with CPU regulation as well as microprocessor supported outline make it exceptionally demanding item. Signaling device on minimum battery are some considerable attribute of our UPS. Small sleek structure and safety for short circuit and overload. The line sudden rise safety for modems are integrated with remote start at battery operation. Our product is incorporated with drift cum increased charger, which improves its working life span
Grade obtainable from 500 VA to 2000 VA.

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