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Product : Industrial Voltage Controllers

Industrial Voltage Controllers

Purevolt Products Pvt ltd

A highly advanced infrastructure that supports us in manufacturing and supplying a quality range of Industrial Voltage Controllers. These controllers are manufactured by our diligent manpower using superior quality materials and components. These controllers are able to increase system efficiency by automatically monitoring and controlling transformers.Automatic Voltage Controller is a type of industrial robot which has a significant role in observing voltage status of rectifiers continuously. It helps to resolve voltage fluctuation related difficulties within few seconds during voltage variation.AVC is instrumental in retaining necessary voltage level and to lower failure rate of electrical machinery caused by high or low voltage rate. In addition to that, it is also useful in decreasing power consumption in MDI and upgrading P.F function at high voltage.Its total cost that covers charge of capital and interest is only 1.5% in each month.
It helps to save electricity bill by lowering malfunction in electrical devices. What is more, it is useful for saving electricity cost of 4-8 times more than the capital as well as interest cost. Voltage fluctuation is common occurrence nowadays. During such condition, the input voltage remains low usually during the day and high at night times.Voltage Controllers Features:- Well built State Control Circuit
+ - 1.0 %  voltage regulations. It does not generate any wave during distortion. Stable functioning.It can be controlled both by automatically and by hand. Equipped with high as well as low voltage protection function.Equipped with miniature circuit breaker on its input circuit. Its voltmeters are instrumental in reading input / output voltages.     

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