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Product : 3 phase online UPS

3 phase online UPS

Purevolt Products Pvt ltd

The GIGA Line Serials of 3 phase online UPS comprises from 10KVA to 200 KVA dual transition On-Line UPS with a distinctive changer at output. The tension is delivered constantly an electrical converter with controlled, clean and stabilized sine wave output energy.Output and Input filters enhance the strength of stress from energy surges and spacing. GIGA Line is highly beneficial for mission crucial utilization such as call centers, industrial automation, IT, hospitals and many more. We have integrated recent microprocessor/ DSP supported exceptional modern advancement design. GIGA Line is delivered with programme, that can be utilized for supervising various grounds of the USP and additionally may be functional for remote control/monitoring on the web through appending SNMP card.Some of The Key Characteristics: Completely Programmable Inverter, Static Switch, Rectifier, Dynamic Behavior And Batteries.Jumper Optional P/O Frequency 50hz, 400hz Or 50hz.
 Distinctive Transformer For Optimum Functionality. Modern DSP And Microprocessor Advancement. 24 MIPS Top Speed For Much Better Regulation
Most Recent Battery Management. Different Output. Directed. Computer Inspecting For Simple Installation. One Regulation Card For Great MTBF
 Completely Unstable Stress Adoptable. Manual And Static Bypass. Environmental Mode.Customer Friendly Touching Display
Interaction Solutions.



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