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Product : Electrically Actuated Diesel Throttles

Electrically Actuated Diesel Throttles

Padmini Vna Mechatronics Pvt Ltd

Electrically Actuated Diesel Throttles also known as pre-throttles, throttle governors, and intake shutter valves, these valves are used to increase manifold vacuum in diesel engines.Applications: Increasing EGR gas flow-rate for emissions controls. Providing low minimum flow to aid NVH in smooth diesel engine shut-down. Diesel particulate filter regeneration.Key Features: Aluminum body to meet stringent vibration and temperature requirements. Composite valves available for cost competitiveness.DC motor and composite gear-train to meet high torque requirements.Corrosion resistant components for low pH application. Contactless position sensor for improved reliability. Weight: 370 grams. Throttle Diameter: 48mm ~55mm. Working Temperature: - 40°C ~ 140°C.Transition time: Fully closed to fully open in ≤120 m.Flow Characteristics (for 50MM). At full open: 338 kg/hr. min ( Δp @ 2kPa).At full closed: 3.7 Kg/hr. max ( Δp @ 80kPa)


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