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Product : Vertical Shaft Impactor

Vertical Shaft Impactor

NCM-SHOAVA Engineers Pvt. Ltd.

Sand has found its use in construction since ages. Sand or Fine aggregates play an important role in achieving the correct size, shape and mix of concrete and mortar in meeting the standards laid down for the construction Industry.  Natural sand is a result of weathering process followed by collision of rocks over each other for number of years, finally accumulating on the river banks. In modern times the way concrete jungles are mushrooming, the reservoirs of sand, which took many years to develop, are diminishing very fast.  The construction companies are starving of sand. This situation was anticipated well in advance by intellectuals from all over the world, who developed the process of manufacturing sand by mechanical means.20th Century "Reduction Technology" for sand manufacture involved the use of hammer mills and Roll Crushers. In hammer Mills, proper gradation is not possible and with roll crushers uniformity of the product cannot be maintained.
F M and GRADING are two important aspects for selection of aggregates which are also responsible for characteristics of fresh & hardened concrete. In spite of desired FM of sand, the net outcome of concrete may still not be satisfactory, if the sand is not well graded. Properly graded material will form less voids in the mix resulting in high density and leading to higher strength of the mix. Ours is the 21st century "VERTICAL SHAFT IMPACTOR" presented in the form of a series of sand manufacturing machines. With our VSI, since there is a control over particle size, uniformity & flakiness index, it yields proper and desired grading.Not only that it overcomes the drawbacks of hammer mills and roll crushers but it has achieved perfection after conducting long trials with raw materials available in India and is best suited to Indian condition

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