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Product : Guillotine Shearing Machine

Guillotine Shearing Machine

Kaushico Machine Tools Pvt. Ltd.

Kaushico Shearing Machine is fabricated out of heavy rolled steel plates. A heavy welded steel crown tied together with the upper end of frame holds the machine is accurate alignment.  Each end of the bed is accurately located in the frame by means of broad faced tongue and grooves. Machining under close tolerances on Skoda Boaring m/cs assures a precision fit. Broad contact surfaces give positive positioning and accurate alignment of knife seat and guide bearing surfaces. Frame and bed are welded steel construction and are duly stress relieved. Mechanically interlocked pneumatic friction clutch and brake unit is provided. This will be electro pneumatically operated. The cooling of the clutch is done by fins and fan provided as a built in feature of the clutch. The wear is automatically compensated by the spring adjustment. The ram would be made out of rolled steel. It would be guided smoothly and accurately throughout the stroke. Suitable counter balances would be provided for a smooth shearing action and for the return of the ram to its stop position. All contractors, motor controls would be maintained in the master control cabinet. A five position selector switch would be provided for FOOT SINGLE, FOOT CONTINUOUS, INCHING CLUTCH ‘ON’ & OFF’ position. Rigid and accurate construction of back gauge would be provided with the machine to allow consistent accuracy in the width of sheets being cut. Shearing blades would be 4 edge working and of high grade allow steel, properly heat treated and ground.The Hydraulic hold down system would be provided for positive and uniform for full length of work piece and close to the cutting edge to prevent slippage regardless of thickness variation. The over drive system provided in the machine ensures the axis of shearing to go through the centre line of the shearing plane and thus ensure smooth cut. Fly wheels are dynamically balanced. The slide gibs are provided with phosphorus bronze guides which can be easily adjusted for wear.The hydraulic hold down pressure can be adjusted with the help of valve provided in the system.

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