Product : Ratchet Lever Hoist Link Chain Type

Ratchet Lever Hoist Link Chain Type

Hercules Hoists Ltd

Hercules Hoists Offers Ratchet Lever Hoist (Link Chain Type). Its Salient Features Include: Use Of Link Chain, Allows More Flexibility, Superior Asbestos Free Brake, For Safe Operation, Low Operating Effort, Less Fatigue To Operator, Robust Steel Constru

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We took up this challenge and we excelled in it. Hoisting technologies are what we excel in. And material handling is what we deliver.
Lifting – Moving – Storing. Right from 1962, when we were incorporated. Keeping with the core belief of the Bajaj Group, we are a truly Indian company. Committed to the Indian industry, thinking ahead and driven by innovation. Starting with the iconic Model P, chain pulley block which we introduced with our then partners:
Heinrich De Fries, Germany. Followed by the equally iconic electric chain hoist: the EH-II (aka The Baby).

We became the national market leaders in hoisting technologies. And continue to be so. Because we did not stop at that. Our experiences and our customers fuelled innovations. And we were driven by our passion to bring the best to meet the demands of the Indian industry.

Our customers asked, and our engineers delivered. We kept pace with the technologies and market demands and kept on evolving with every generation of the Indian industry. Our customers inspired us, our commitment met their requirements and they rewarded us by more demands. Making us the market leaders


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