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Product : Peristaltic Pumps Tubing Pumps

Peristaltic Pumps Tubing Pumps

Ashray Engineers

Peristaltic Pumps / Tubing Pumps : Pump medium contacts only tubing and not pump - no cross-contamination. Self priming and safe dry running, no valves, seals-maintenance free. No back flow or siphoning, accurate flow microprocessor based control circuits. Precise pwm based dc step motor drive. Menu driven lcd readout for flow rate, rpm and time selection. Advanced eeprom technology without any battery backup (memory retention of the stored parameters for more than five years) speed variation by means of a potentiometer or external 4-20 ma current signal with digital display readout. Operates of 230 v, 50 hz, single phase ac. Oem units, multi-channel units, composite sampler units & automatic filling station units are offered. They applicable in  pharmaceuticals, food processing, chemicals, ink & pigments, ideal for abrasive and aggressive fluids, cell culture, filtration and separation, pollution control, beverage dispensing, photo processing and printing, fermentation, heat treatment plants for filling, dosing, sampling and dispensing.


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