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Pressure Powered Pumps

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In these days of energy conservation, hot condensate is too valuable to be lost as it contains more than 25% of heat used in creating steam. Also it is distilled water that makes excellent feed water for boilers. These are pumps used to pump condensate to the desired location and are cheaper to operate as against electrically operated pumps which require special impellers to avoid risk of cavitations by condensate.These are basically vessels with a float assembly. When condensate level raises the float rises activating a valve through which a short burst of pressurized steam /air is let in which in turn pumps the condensate through the vessel. The flow of condensate is regulated by two check valves at the inlet and outlet of the vessel.


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ALFA ENGINEERS & CONSULTANTS offers products and services which works throughout the steam and condensate circuit of a process plant and ensures efficiency in steam generation, steam distribution, steam utilization ,condensate recovery and on line sealing solution with Specialized in All kind of Steam Pipe Line Commissioning & Steam Energy Audit and offering Seatless &Glandless special design piston type globe valve, steam trap, strainer, Moisture Separators, Pressure Power Pump, Flash Vessel, Pressure Reducing Station, Boiler Drum Level Gauge Glass Assembly Sight Glassess, Boiler Mounting, Accessories, Cerablanket , Flame Scanner, Mani Fold Valves, Sight Glass, CAF & CNAF Jointing / Gasket, Gland Packing, Spiral Wound Gasket, Heat Exchanger Gasket, Readymade cut gasket, Gasket cutting machine, Expansion Bellows : All kind of metallic and non-metallic expansion bellows. Special Filter Cum All types of filter assembly i.e. simplex / Duplex Basket, T-Type & Type Filter, Oil & Lubrication. Flow Meters : Ultra Sonic Flow meter , Rota meter, Level Switches, Pressure Gauge, Temperature Guage, control Valve, Knife Edge Gate Valve, Actuators, Oil Seals. Pipes & Pipe Fittings : All types of M.S./G.I./SS.


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