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Product : Copper Fitting U Bend

Copper Fitting U Bend

Kaliraj Impex

Kaliraj Impex is a well-known supplier, dealer, manufacturer and exporter of copper fitting U Bendin India. Made with precision and latest technological equipment and high-quality material. Kaliraj Impex provides the best quality of copper fittings U Bendall over India.  Kaliraj Impex  enjoy the expertise in the field of production of U Bends components. Outstanding features like the robust contraction, precise dimension, and high durability make our products favorite to various industries. We use superior quality raw materials to manufacture these products. Our precision engineeredU bendsare made of good quality like copper u bends, brass u bends. Our copper U bends, brass U bends are suitable to return the flow of coolants/fluids at 180 degrees in a much smaller space. Offered in both expanded as well as plain specifications, our U shaped tubes are very much suitable for condensers and evaporators.


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