Article : The Surface Specialist

Gala Precision Engineering’s forte is to provide precise surface engineering solutions, writes Huned Contractor

Gala Precision Engineering, serving the industry for over 25 years, is a one-stop solutions provider for surface finishing needs such as deburring, finishing, washing and cleaning of components and parts. The company offers the whole gamut of machines, processing media, compounds and services for surface finishing and parts. It has the capability to build large finishing and cleaning equipment for the challenging needs of various sectors, including the wire and cable industry. The finishing machines are capable of achieving Ra value of 0.05 microns while precision parts’ cleaning machines are capable of achieving a Millipore value of less than 1 mg.

Deburring and Finishing 
The deburring and surface finishing machines are used for mass finishing of metal, plastic, ceramic and rubber parts. Small parts weighing a few grams up to 25 kg can be processed in a variety of machines available from Gala Precision’s wide range of products. The use of deburring and finishing machines is essential to achieve consistency and high production rates. In addition to finishing equipment, use of abrasive media and compounds is essential to achieve the desired process results. Abrasive media can be of ceramic, porcelain, steel or plastic materials. Compounds are used with water with concentration levels of 5-10%. 

The finishing machines are of different types, such as:
•    Vibratory finishing
•    Centrifugal barrel finishing
•    Disc finishing
•    Customised finishing systems.

Complete automation of surface finishing processes is possible by using component loading system, conveyors, vibratory trolleys and dosing system using PLC-based control panels.


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