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Vibration Testing Machine, Shaker Testing machine

Vibration testing can help ensure that your new design will survive its intended environment. Submitting your product for vibration testing or vibration analysis pays for itself by reducing field return costs through improved product reliability.
Our vibration testing facilities are comprised of electrodynamics and hydraulic multi-axis shakers in practically any type of vibration testing event – sine, random, sine on random, and random on random testing. We can combine several systems to simulate your anticipated vibration testing conditions – mechanical vibration, pneumatic vibration testing, or hydraulic induced vibration testing.

Fuel Tank Leakage Testing Machine

Fuel Tank Leakage Testing Machine
The range of fuel tank testing machinery offered by us are fully automatically operated machines. These machines are well known for its high efficiency and are used to carry out various tests on fuel tanks. Moreover, fuel tank testing machinery has a wide application in automotive industry and heavy industry. These can be customized on the following parameters: Design, Technology, Capacity, Operating speed
Features : Smart PLC Controlled..Highly Accurate Sensors..Provided With Integrated Graphical Display. Dedicated Special Software Package for Test Report Generation. Accurate Measurements.Easy to use. Noise Free. Compact Size


Hydraulic Riveting Machines Nashik

As the leading manufacturers and suppliers of special purpose machines, we bring forth to our Automatic Hydraulic Riveting Machine containing inbuilt power pack at low cost of maintenance.With our firm commitment to quality, we are involved in manufacturing and supplying a high quality of Hydraulic Riveting Machines. These machines are quality tested by the professionals of our firm on varied parameters.PLC Smart Control.New Design.Customization as per customers requirements.Digital cycle counter with preset and reset facility.Automatic / Semi – Automatic modes.Energy Saving Features


Hydraulic Chamfering Machine

Vedant Engineering Services Manufacture And Supply Hydraulic Chamfering Machine. Numerous customized Special Purpose Machines specifically designed after understanding the users application & Needs.Features:- The machines may offer a completely automatic loading, feeding and chamfering process. This range is suitable for cleanly and evenly chamfering both ends of the tube, as well as chamfering the inside, outside and face of the material. Fully automatic chamfering system for save manpower. External and internal chamfering with facing in one process for both sides of the tube. Minimum working length can be adjusted. The rigid tool seat has been designed for durability, with easily fixable tool bits for longer working life..Fast speed approach for time saving.Adjustable chamfering speed for smooth finish.The length tolerance of each working piece can be controlled.The machine bed’s heavy casting and headstock can absorb working vibrations, providing a continuous and stable operation.Optimal electric circuit.


Rotary Indexing Machine

Carefully manufactured by VES, the indexing machine series features fully automatic operation and shortened cycle time. This machine series will dramatically boost productivity, while lowering production costs.
Rotary Indexing Machine– Typically the most efficient way to get high production volumes and to produce parts at a high speed is to use a rotary or linear indexing machine. By performing simultaneous actions on a number of parts the cycle time is reduced. Whether it is a rotary indexing dial or a linear power and free conveyor, They can design and build a machine that allows you to assemble complex parts at a faster rate.They can develop Indexing SPM (Linear or Rotary) as per customer’s process requirement.Our developed Indexing SPM (Linear or Rotary) can be-Fully Automatic or Semi Automatic. Have combinations of hydraulic & pneumatic systems. Smart PLC controlled .They have developed upto 8 stations indexing SPM’s.Semi-Automatic indexing machines are best suited for lower volume and/or oddly shaped assemblies where automatic parts feeders would not be cost effective. A semi-automatic machine can also can be designed as a base machine for a fully automated assembly where product volume is expected to rise in the future.Fully automatic machines are best for higher volume products which would benefit from reduced labor costs. They are also a good option for assembly inline with molding operations.

Endurance Testing Machine

Vedant Engineering Services has specialized in the supply of automatic test machine solutions for many years. This knowledge is combined with our experience in production line equipment and process automation.The result is a service to industry, which can offer complete quality assurance testing using the most modern technology and test equipment. Vedant Engineering Services has an enviable reputation for providing both quality equipment and superb back-up.Every aspect of electrical, mechanical and software design, together with project development and manufacture is conducted on-site, enabling us to take full responsibility for your projects. Computer listings of parts, wiring diagrams and other maintenance information means that we can offer you a first class after-sales service.We are the well known manufacturers of a high quality of products such as the Fully Automatic Endurance Testing Machine which is used to find out the strength of the different materials by the laboratories, material manufacturers and other industries. These products find very accurate measurements and they are very reliable in their readings.Features: PLC Smart Controlled, High Precision Sensors, Servo Controlled which gives better accuracy, Dedicated Special Software Package, Test Reporting Printing, Graphical Display of Load, Displacement Different kind of graphs. Data Logger Facility Provided,
 Accurately calibrated. Easy to operate. Noise free operation. Maximum efficiency and accuracy.


Dynamic Characteristic Testing Machine

Dynamic Characteristic Testing Machine Manufacturers For Heavy Electrical Industry. We are the well known manufacturers of a high quality of testing Special Purpose Machines which are used by the laboratories, material manufacturers and other industries. These products find very accurate measurements and they are very reliable in their readings.Features :-Fully Automatic.PLC Controlled.Highly Accurate Readings.Integrated With SCADA System for Graphical Display of Load, Displacement & other parameters.Graph & Report Generation.Report Storing, Printing.System Can Be Controlled Through Personal Computers or Control Panels.


Horizontal Tensile Testing Machine

Vedant engineering Services are the well known manufacturers of a high quality of products such as the Computerized Horizontal Tensile Testing Machine which is used by the laboratories, material manufacturers and other industries. These products find very accurate measurements and they are very reliable in their readings. Features: PLC Smart Control ,High Precision Sensors ,Graphical Display of load and other parameters.Special Software Package for Testing .Test Report Generation & Printing .High loading accuracy & infinitely variable straining speeds to suit a wide range of materials. Robust loading frame, Simple controls & easy to operate.Special Accessories like – Extra Bed length, Extra Ram stroke, Various special grips / attachments / fixtures as per sizes / shapes of specimens, Load-stabilizer (at extra cost) can be provided to suit special application. Adequate safety devices for safe operation.


Fatigue Testing Machine

Vedant Engineering Services are the well known manufacturers of a high quality of products such as the Digital Fatigue Testing Machine which is used to find out the fatigue strength of the different materials by the laboratories, material manufacturers and other industries. These products find very accurate measurements and they are very reliable in their readings. Features:PLC Smart Controlled, High Precision Sensors, Cycle Counter With Pre Set or Reset Facility, Equipped With VFD for Variable Speed Operations, Multiple Samples Testing at Same Time, Dedicated Special Software Package, Test Reporting & Printing, Graphical Display of Load,Displacement & Different kind of graphs.Data Logger Facility Provided, Accurately calibrated Easy to operate .Noise free operation .Maximum efficiency and accuracy

Paper Products Making Machine

Vedant Engineering  Services manufacture Automatic and semi automatic double die hydraulic paper plate / dona / thali making machine which required one person to operate. You have to put the paper on work station and pick the finished products. The dies works down and up automatically. The key features of our products are: Innovative designs .Corrosion-Resistant .Have long life .Easy to operate .Wide varieties to choose-from .Noise free operation .Maximum efficiency and accuracy .Cost-effective


Hydraulic Power Pack

Vedant Engineering Services is one of the leading hydraulic power packs manufacturers and suppliers in India.They  provide these power packs in both standard and custom built designs. Available in auto cut off and holding types these power packs have quality finish and hence paint them with epoxy paints / Powder Coating. We ensure that our power pack systems have compact design, rust free nature, quality cylinders with single / double acting Our range of hydraulic power packs components is tested on various parameters like durability, resistance, shelf life to ensure quality product to our customers. Power pack offers capacities, control options & configurations for virtually any application requirement. A wide variety of Manifold option & choice of Pumps enables customer to match any application requirement with a power pack that, meets his system, at the same time ensuring cost effective operation and optimum productivity.

Customize Hydraulic Cylinder

To furnish the diverse requirements of our clients we are involved in offering a wide array of Hydraulic Cylinder. These are highly demanded in market due to their superior quality and high reliability. We also assure timely delivery of our machines. These are widely used to give a unidirectional force through a unidirectional stroke.Beside supplying standard hydraulic cylinders from our wide range, we specialize in designing and manufacturing cylinders as per customers, specific requirements. We have technical know & expertise to manufacture the Hydraulic Cylinders for a variety of application even for the extremely Critical once. Each cylinder built with unmatched features. Our cylinders provide reliability you can count on with the minimum maintenance year after year. Increased productivity & lower operating cost. We developed a very special Cylinders for lapping machine. These cylinder have reciprocating & rotating action simultaneously.


PLC Based Hydraulic Training Kit

PLC Based Hydraulic Trainer is designed to demonstrate operation of various Hydraulic Circuits with help of PLC Controller. The trainer used different electrically operated hydraulic valves & electronic sensors to demonstrate real life applications of Hydraulic Power.
Being one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of the finest range of Hydraulic Systems, SPM's & Industrial Automation, we engage in using the finest machinery and materials in its manufacture.The components supplied along with the trainer include:-
 Direction Control Valves (Solenoid Operated & Hand Lever Operated),  Pressure Control Valves, Flow control valves, Check Valve,
Linear Actuators, and  Accumulators etc.Each hydraulic component like valve, cylinder etc is mounted on a mounting plate & has adaptors for making connections using hoses. Input to the PLC comes from proximity switches & the PLC operates the hydraulic valve in programmed sequence.