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Bag Filter

Bag filters are manufactured in simplex,duplex and multiplex types. These are manufactured in carbon steel and stainless steel.The working pressure will be from 0-100 bar and level of filtration 1 micron to 800 microns,viscocity ranging 1 cps to 60,000 cps. The application is in chemical and machine tool industry for filtration of fine sludge.

Cartridge Filter

Cartridge filters are with different type elements enables large contamination retaining capacity which is a distinct advantage over conventional cylindrical cartridge elements. Filtration level upto 7 microns can be achieved. Available in 50-1000 lpm capacity.

Compact Band Filter Model 1-

Universal compact band filter is designed after decades of experience and understanding the needs for latest technology in filtration. As the name suggests the system requires 70% less space than conventional band filters with higher degree of filtration utilizing minimum filter media. The specially designed conveyor belt of semi circular shape allows greater filter area and efficiency in working. The media is sealed from all sides and there is no chance of contamination escape. The higher head of coolant that gets stored in the filter offer better filtration through the media as compared to switch mechanism. Needs almost no manual attention. Ideally suited for machine tools and process industries.It can also be supplied with magnetic coolant filters and chilling units for higher level of filtration. Capacity can be supplied upto 2000 lpm and above.


The bulky spiral chips are crushed into small chips for easy transportation through conveyors, pipe line and silos which occupies very less space. The crushers are manufactured up to 500 kgs./hr, and are designed for continues working

Magnetic Coolant Filter Model 1

Manufactured in 3 different type of drums. Plain, Serrated and Ring type for effective removal of ferrous contaminations from coolant. The geared motors of heavy duty type and gives trouble free service for number of years. Capacity 30 lpm. To 3000 lpm. The above magnetic separator is wth stainless steel drum, with powerful magnets inside. The rare earth high power magnetic separators are also available as per customers requirement.

Magnetic Conveyor Model 1

Magnetic conveyors are very useful for removing chips from hobbing machines, gun drilling machines, broaching machines, presses etc. The conveyor can be submerged in oil tanks. These are available in various sizes and configuration.

Oil Centrifuge

Oil centrifuge filters are specially useful in separating fine ferrous and non ferrous dust mixed with the viscous liquids, suitable for honing, grinding machines where viscous coolants are used. Capacity 50 lpm to 500 lpm

Oil Skimmer

Oil skimmers are useful to extract tramp oil, scum, grease etc. Floating on the coolant to avoid bacteria growth and paper flow of coolants in filter media. Avaliable upto 1.5 mtr. Height and 500mm width. Oil skimmers small disc type are also availble

Paper Band cum Magnetic Coolant Filter Model 1

Recommended for filtering coolant on grinding, honing and super finishing applications. The coolant first gets filtered on magnetic separator where 90% of the ferrous particles are removed. Then the coolant flows through filter paper and remaining ferrous and non-ferrous particles are separated. The unit functions automatically when this sludge accumulates on the paper.capacity:30 lpm to 6000 lpm. These systems can also be supplied with chilling units.

Vaccum Filter Model 1

Universal vacuum filters manufactured with latest technology and has proved their capability of removing sludge contamination from water soluble oils, synthetic coolants, grinding oil and other liquids. The vacuum filter is fully automatic filtration system and available upto 30,000 lpm Capacity for centralized filtration system. Can be supplied with coolant chillers and magnetic separator attachments.