The Jaws Mfg Co

Plot no. 103, Ramtekdi Industrial Estate, Hadapsar,

India , Maharashtra, Pune - 411013

About Us

We are manufacturers of wide range of accessories for machine tool industry. Our product range includes Power Chucks, Hydraulic and Pneumatic Cylinders, Power Packs, Power Chuck Spares, Soft Jaws (Steel & Aluminium), Hard Jaws & all other Chuck Spares. We can also manufacture special soft jaws as per your requirements and designs.


Power Chucks

Power Chucks manufactured by The Jaws Mfg Co have proved its excellent quality and is held in high esteem by their clients. So many reputed companies have theirr machine shops fitted with JAWS power chucks on their CNC machines, capstan and also standard machines.
The Jaws Manufacturing Co manufactures power chucks in 2-, 3-, 4-, 5-, 6-, 8- and 12-jaw types in closed as well as hollow types.

Built In Cylinder Rotary Power Chuck-Collet Type and Jaw Type

It used to be complex for users to convert a manual chucking system to a power one since setting up a hydraulic system is not only expensive but also is troublesome. JATO's Rotary Power Chuck is specially designed to help users to set up a power hold

Hard Jaws

<div style="text-align: justify;">Hard Jaws share certain characteristics of soft jaws. They are made of case hardened steel - EN353 and hardened upto 50-55HRC.They are usually used for first operation roughing. where gripping is a more im

Preci Chuck

These chucks were earlier manufactured by M/s. BATLIBOI & CO in collaboration with Reishauer of Switzerland. These chucks are unique in design and accuracy with no scroll, no cams, but with screw, rack and pinion drive. Body is made up of Carbon Steel forging and fitted with hardened and precision grounded guides to ensure long lasting accuracy. Screw made of alloy steel hardened and precision ground on Reishauer thread grinding machine. Racks made from drop forged alloy steel. The teeth for pinion and base jaws are hardened and ground on  Reishauer rack grinding machines. These chucks are one of the most and reliable chucks available. 



Quick Jaw Change Chucks

PreciÒ chucks (or quick jaw change chucks) were earlier manufactured by M/s Batliboi & Co in collaboration with Reishauer of Switzerland.