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About Us

Orton Engineering Pvt. Ltd. was founded with an aim to provide services to the heavy engineering industry, such as crane manufacturing industry, steel industry, power sector etc. Over the last 12 years the company has grown in strength and stature, extending its services to a wide range of clientele. We take immense pride in informing that the equipments supplied by us have been working to the total satisfaction of our clients, which has established our credentials as a manufacturer of repute. At Orton, we strongly believe that customer satisfaction is the key to an organization's success. Our main aim is to ensure customer satisfaction by providing superior quality equipments at a very reasonable price. Our client list itself is a proof of our experience in the field of material handling and In addition to the above, the directors were involved in designing, manufacturing and servicing of the said items with a reputed manufacturer of the said items.

Stall Torque Motor Operated Cable Reeling Drum

These types of cable reeling drums are normally used for cables of size 4C X 25 sq mm (max) and cable lengths upto 20 mtrs. However these drums can be used even upto 150 mtrs if the cable diameter is small (say 4C X 2.5 sq. mm )In case of stall torque mot

Cable Drag Chain

ORTON make Cable Drag Chains are used for conveying flexible cables / hoses etc. to movable units with maximum reliability. The construction of these chains is such that they cannot bend below a fixed minimum radius which is decided based on the cable /

Motorised Cable Reeling Drum

Orton have a complete range of motor driven torque controller cable reeling drums. This reels shown in this catalogue are direct reeling units where the cable compartment is mounted directly on the torque controller.?? For those applications where the len

DC Electromagnetic Brakes

ORTON make D.C. Electromagnetic Brakes are suitable for 220 V.D.C. supply, for a wide range of drum sizes from 100mm to 400mm dia.?? These brakes are used when a load must be stopped rapidly to prevent the load from rotating due to the motor & load inerti

Spring Operated Cable Reeling Drums

Orton make spring operated cable reeling drums are powered with springs and has an automatic rewind features which provides an extremely simple way of supplying power to machines such as cranes and hoists. These cable drums are sued for both AC and DC app

Electromagnetic Vibrating Feeders

Electromagnetic vibrating feeders are equipped with electromagnetic drives which generate vibrations required for conveying of material.?? The electromagnetic drives are robust in construction with very high reliability factor. These conveyors come with a

Vibratory Furnace Charger

Vibrating Furnace Charges are effective solutions to problems such as high labour cost, hazards to furnace operators faced in foundries, melting shops etc. Such a kind of automation allows foundry men to work at a safe distance thus preventing injures ari

Vibrating Screens

ORTON vibrating screens work on the principle of linear displacement of the materials due to unbalance forces generated by two unbalance motors rotating in opposite direction. These screens are basically used to separate coarse materials from fine materia

Thrustor Operated Brakes

ORTON make Thrustor operated brakes are suitable to work on 415V. 3 Phase A.C. supply for a wide range of drum sizes from 100 mm to 400mm dia with braking torque ranging from 6KgM. to 110 KgM. The mechanism is balanced to give equal shoe clearance through

AC Electromagnetic Brakes

These Brakes are suitable for A.C. supply uptp 440V. & are available for a wide range of Drum Sizes from 100mm to 400mm dia.
These brakes are available with rated torque ranging from 130Kg. for the smallest brake (100mm dia drum), upto 6900 Kg. cms.

Motorized Vibrating Feeders

ORTON make vibratory conveyors find wide application in cement plants, steel plants, fertilizer industries, pharmaceutical industries, glass industry etc, where controlled feeding of material is required. These conveyors have proved their reliability in

Unbalance Vibratory Motor

Orton has a wide range of UNBALANCE MOTOR VIBRATORS to meet the requirement of various industries wherein material handling plays a major role.

These vibrators help to empty, dose, convey, loosen, test, clean, screen, compact, distribute, f

Resistance- Boxes

ORTON make resistance boxes are designed to meet requirements of both A.C. & D.C. application. For E.O.T. Cranes, Winches, Rubber Mills, Steel Mills, Cement Mills, Power Plants, Conveyors, Coke Oven, Blowers etc., resistance boxes can be of following types :
Stainless Steel Grid Resistors.

These resistors consists of stainless steel wire or strip in form of grids Punched Steel Grid Resistors.These resistors consists of grid punched from stainless steel / fecral sheet and are available in wide range from 7 amps to 1500 amps continuous rating.