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Marooti Bellows Works based on SSI Unit engaged in manufacturing of Machine tools protective covers & accessories since 1980. Marooti s a huge customer base across India consisting of more than 500 companies From various sectors in large medium & small sc

Glue Type Closed Polygon Bellows

These Bellows are an Ideal replacement for Round Bellows where Limited Space; Less Compressed Length & More Extended Length is required. Bellows are made in Rectangular, Square, Hexaganol, and Octogonal and to any Polygon Size.

Glue Type Rectangular Bellows With Limit Extension Belt.

These giant Bellows used to cover Guideways of machines like WALDRICH COBURG GRINDER, DRANSFIELD ROLL GRINDER, PLANO MILLER, SUMITOMO GRINDER & Other Huge Machines. Bellows are made in Single and Double layered material with Central Coupling Frames for

Stitched Type Rectangular Bellows with Steel Laminate on Top

These Type Stitched Bellows are ideally suitable in entire machine field. These Bellows work very effectively in all types of mounting like Horizontal, Vertical, Crossway, Inclined, Invert etc. PVC reinforcement in each fold ensures stability and Proper

Round Type Stitched Bellow

Round Bellows covers that are manufactured from optimum quality material these Bellows are used to protect heavily stressed movable machine parts like Shafts, Spindles, Lead Screws, Piston Rods and Round sections, Further the Round Bellows offered by us

Apron Cover

Apron Cover is used where very limited space is available and the protection calls for flexible type. This is very good resistant for Hot Chops, Coolant , Dust, Oil Apron Cover is made of High Tensible Polymide Fabric coated with Polyurethane which is s

Bellows For Guideway Protection

Bellows Are Used Universally To Protect Guide Ways Of Machining Equipments, Measuring Equipments Handling Equipments And Industrial Robots, Machining Centers And Heavy-Duty Machines From Dust, Dirt, Chips, Coolant, Cutting Oils Fluids And Stray Sparks. An