Kumbhojkar Plastic Moulders

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About Us

Kumbhojkar™ Plastic Moulders are pioneer in the field of Engineering Plastics Products.

The company was founded by Shri Arun Shamrao Kumbhojkar in 1968 in Pune City, Maharashtra state (INDIA) has vast experience and expertise of Designing, Developing & Manufacturing Precision Plastic Moulded products. A dedicated Tool room and updated Molding unit attributes to our satisfied customer list.

Products Applications:

  • Machine Tool Industry: Cable Drag Chain for CNC Machines, Robotics, overhead Cranes; Cable Carrier Systems for Cranes, Plastic Tool Pockets for storage; Coolant Pipes; Holding devices like Knobs & Handles, Allen Bolt caps.
  • Chemical Industry: Strainer Buttons, Filters Spray Nozzles.
  • Material Handling: Gravity Rollers, Conveyors Slat Type, Snake Chain, Multi-directional Wheels.
  • Safety Equipment: Multi - Colour Plastic Chain & Plastic Standpoles, Plastic Socket Cap.

Company is also supplier for Customized Products of certain customers.

Industries we serve:

  • Machine Tool Industry
  • Robotics & Automation
  • Cranes & Hoists Industry
  • Material Handling
  • Safety Equipments
  • Chemical Industry
  • Agricultural Engineering

Quality Policy:

To supply innovative plastic products of consistent quality through continual improvements in our quality management systems for customer management. 

Knobs & Handles

Knobs and Handles play a key role in Machine Tool Industries. Machine cannot be operated effectively without knobs/handles. Use of knobs/handles improves workmanship and fatigue is reduced.

We, at Kumbhojkar™ Plastic Moulders have developed a wide range of Knobs & Handles. We have designed a wide range of knobs/handles considering their utmost utility for actual user. Knobs are produced out of thermosetting & thermoplastic materials. - Nylon, Cellulose Acetate, Polypropelene & Bakelite.

The Knobs and Handles come with Brass / MS inserts, studs, rotating pins etc.

Nylocking Rings

Nylocking Rings are plastic washers in Nylon 6 which are used in Bolts and Nuts

The advantages of Nylocking Rings are:

  • NYLOCKING RINGS flow into the threads of bolt and nut resulting in effective multiple locking and sealing.
  • NYLOCKING RINGS prevent rotation of the retaining ring around the bolt & prevent the nut from loosening as they wrap round the flats on the nut.
  • NYLOCKING RINGS create effective frictional resistance with the bolt.
  • NYLOCKING RINGS fill all free spaces and seal against air and all other leakages.
  • NYLOCKING RINGS absorb vibrations arising in any bolt assembly which reduces the sound pollution.
  • NYLOCKING RINGS are chemically resistant to Alkalines, solutions of neutral inorganic salts, fats, oils, petrol, Benzine, Alcohol, Acetone, diluted acids and sea water.

Aids to material handling & Mini Rail System

This product range includes Slat Chains, Snake Conveyor Chain used for conveying light weight articles. The products are made from Nylon6 or Polyacetal as required. All links are available with MS Pins.

Mini Rail System is a Unique system to handle light and medium weight packages. The Plastic Assembly is slided in the standard Metal C Channel. Ideal solution for Table Top Conveying of lightweight articles of upto 10kgs.

Gravity Rollers

Gravity Rollers - Plastic Rollers to convey light weight articles. Non-corrosive, maintenance free, low noise efficient & economic system. Available in engineering plastic materials in different sizes.

Cable Drag Chain/Cable Carrier System

Kumbhojkar™ Plastic Moulders designed, developed & manufactured Cable Drag Chain in Pune from 1986 for Indian Market. This system is a reliable solution to carry cables & hoses in motion on almost all type of machines like NC, CNC to Rugged Cranes. Some designs are registered with The Patent of Government of India.

Salient features include less weight, low noise, non-conductive, easy handling, non-corrosive, easy of assembly due to snap fitting, maintenance free, available in custom lengths, separators to segregate cables/hoses, can be used for side by side in case number of cables is more, increases cable/hoses life, modular design simplifies cable/hose maintenance.

The Cable Drag Chain is assemblies of single units that are snap fitted to form chain to specific length.

Plastic Chain & standpoles

A reputation of any Organization depends upon the work environment, disciplined code of conduct and safety measures taken to avoid accidents. For this purpose, importance of demarcation of various areas is necessary. We have developed Plastic StandPole and Chain for demarcation which is decorative as well, that enhances the aesthetics of your organisation.

PLASTIC CHAIN with Interlocked links is light weight, durable, economical and maintenance-free. Available in many attractive colour combinations such as White & Red, White & Orange, White & Green, Red & Yellow, Black & white and Black & Yellow. It is also available in any single colour.

STANDPOLE assembly consisting of base, pole units, connectors, chain holder cup and display fixture is supplied as separate parts to facilitate handling and transport. STANDPOLES can be assembled with the chain in a very short time giving you an attractive yet most convenient demarcation, partition or fencing. The height of the poles is adjustable. A special display fixture is provided at the top of the poles where you can exhibit any display such as monograms/symbols or instructions such as IN, OUT, STOP, GO, etc.

Pendant Control Station

Yet another product for Cranes & Hoist industry in addition to Cable Carrier Assembly.

For all pendants the body available in attractive color is injection moulded from Plastic Reinforced material, which prevents operator from hazardous electric shocks. The product exclusively designed has no sharp edges for easy handling.. The elements used are Standard Switches - S1 (NO) & S1 (NC) that are alternately mounted. MECHANICAL INTERLOCK has been incorporated in assembly so at a time only one switch will be activated while other gets locked. A delay arrangement is also done in assembly so as to have DOUBLE SPEED in operation. An EMERGENCY STOP / On-Off Key Actuator is standard TEKNIC switch that adds a safety measure.

The use of rubber lining prevents it from dust and water splashes. The cable cone can accommodate cables of different diameter. A hook is provided to hang the pendant with metal chain thus avoiding the tension on the electric cable.

Plastic Flexible Coolant Pipes

Efficient, Elegant & Economical Plastic Flexible Coolant Pipes introduced for first time in India has won prestigious MCCIA award.


1/4 " ID | 3/8 " ID | 1/2 " ID | 3/4 " ID

  • The Coolant flow can be directed to the exact cutting point
  • Pipe retains the desired position on its own avoiding adjustments and readjustments
  • Easy forward and backward movement
  • Increases the Tool life due to proper cooling
  • Easy to mount & operate
  • Available in various standard sizes
  • Material is non corrosive & non-conductive
  • Many applications to suit your requirements
  • Threaded Nozzles & Nipples for quick replacement
  • Resistant to dilute alkalis & acids
  • Sustains approx 1 PSI pressure, therefore, can also be used to remove chips or bur from machine bed
  • Available in attractive colors

Plastic Tool Pockets

Plastic Tool Pockets for CNC-Tool Holders are available for BT Taper & HSK Tapers.

BT 30; 40; 50 pockets are available in Rectangular & Round Shape whereas HSK 50A; 63A; 100A.

These Plastic Tool Pockets ensure a systematic & vertical storage of tool holders for optimum performance and also helps in easy identification of tools. The Tool Pocket can be mounted easily on any type of metal or wooden trolley with the help of Allen Bolts. The product in injection moulded and so does not affect the surface of Tool Holder

Cable Carrier Assembly (Festoon Systems)

Cable Carrier ( Festoon Systems) were manufactured by us for the first time in India has won the Prestigious Award of MCCIA-Pune, Plasticon Award-Delhi, PlastArabia Award-Dubai. Some of these designs are Registered with Patent Office of Government of India.

The product is assembly of 2 major components viz.

1) Trailing Unit that moves of tracks like wire rope, T section, Enclosed track etc
2) Hanger Unit that clamps the Electric Cable.

Now known to all the advantage of using this product are:

  • Avoids leakage of Electric Current due to Non Conductive material
  • Free movement
  • Easy forward and backward movement
  • Uniformly spaced carrier points forming equal loop of cable
  • Wide range

Trailing Units
Seven types of Trailing Units available are :

1. Suitable for steel wire rope upto 8mm Ø
2. Double Wheel suitable upto 8 mm Ø steel wire rope
3. Suitable for Round Pipe or Bar 1" Ø
4. Suitable for Enclosed Track inner square size 34 mm (Track also available)
5. Suitable for steel wire rope upto 12 mm Ø
6. Double Wheels suitable upto 12 mm Ø steel wire rope
7. Suitable for 'T' Section/'I' Channel 50 mm width

We recommend that all wire ropes have to be Plastic coated for extensive life of Cable Carrier Assembly suitable for Wire Ropes.

Hanger Units
The Hanger Unit that fits onto the trailing unit has a wide range as well that will fit Electric cables from Dia.11mm to 76mm and even certain Flat Cables as well.