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About Us

JOYAM is a group of Company manufacturing various vacuum related products and now it is the only company manufacturing an entire range of vacuum products. With the extremely fine support by India & Abroad and the confidence in our vacuum products we have

Air Pollution control Equipment

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Single Stage Vacuum Pumps

"Highly reliable and durable, Joyam's single stage liquid-ring vacuum pumps operate efficiently under the most drastic conditions. These rugged pumps are simple to operate and provide faultless smooth operations. The maintenance cost is almost zero.?? W

Two Stage Liquid-Ring Vacuum Pumps

Joyam's two stage liquid-ring vacuum pumps are the optimum solution for rough and complex vacuum applications. The simple to operate pumps are perfect for processes that require vacuum between 660 mmHg to 720 mmHg, and has suction temperature of 30 C. T

High Capacity Low Vacuum Pump

These Services Vacuum Pumps Are Ideal For Processes That Require Vacuum Between 400 Mmhg To 600 Mmhg. These Are High Capacity, Low Vacuum double Suction And Double Discharge Pumps. The Highly Efficient Pumps Develop Maximum Vacuum Of 650-680 Mmhg When S

Energy Saver Vacuum Pool System

Joyam has developed an innovative vacuum pool by integrating two vacuum pumps and a reservoir tank. Energy saver vacuum pool system is ideal for fluctuating processes. The system greatly improves the performance of such processes. The demand for air/vapou

Mechanical Vacuum Booster System

The brand new mechanical vacuum booster system is capable of developing 1 torr to 0.5 torr vacuum. The system consists of a combination of 3 roots Mechanical Vacuum Booster and vacuum pump. The vacuum pump acts as a back-up pump. As per the requirement of

Steam Jet Ejector System

JOYAM" Steam jet ejector system having no moving parts works on the principle of converting the pressure energy of a motivating fluid to velocity energy in order to entrain the suction fluid. Vacuum is created, air or gas is entrained and mixture or gas a

Oil Seal High Vacuum Pumps

Effective, efficient and reliable, Joyam's high vacuum oil-seal, rotary pumps are best for processes that demand high vacuum of 0.05 torr or 0.005 torr. These rotary vane type pumps are highly smooth functioning and oil-immersed. Equipped with in-built no