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About Us

HRS Process Systems Limited (HRS PSL) is a pioneer in bringing the revolutionary ECOFLUX* corrugated tube and Unicus* dynamic scraped surface heat exchangers to the process industry. Our heat exchangers are extensively used in many industries such as chemical, steel, fertilizer, petrochemical, drug and pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, power, cement, evaporation and effluent treatment as well as general manufacturing industries. We provide innovative solutions for food processing industry like pre-heaters, chillers, pasteurizers, aseptic process lines, turnkey processing lines, diced food pasteurizers, ready-to-eat food processing systems and host of other process lines for various applications.

Plate Heat Exchangers

HRS Process Systems Ltd. Have Acquired Exclusive Rights By The Way Of License Manufacturing Agreement For Design, Manufacture, Supply And Service Of Plate Heat Exchangers, With Funke Waermaustauscher Gmbh,A Company Established For More Than 35 Years And

ECOFLUX Smooth Tube Heat Exchangers

HRS Process Systems Limited also designs and manufactures ECOFLUX* Smooth Tube Heat Exchanger for various industrial application like heating, cooling, condensing and reboiling in our world class manufacturing facility to cater to Customer\'s heat trans

Hot Water Systems

HRS Hot Water System is the most versatile and compact hot water generation system. It provides highly efficient solution to instantaneous hot water generation using energy efficient heat exchangers (Funke Brazed or Gasketed plate heat exchanger or Ecof

Hygienic Piston Pumps

Traditional pumping systems for particulate products have always been a daily problem for all processors who need to move or pump whole or diced fruits or vegetables. Problems caused by the high cost of triplex piston pumps, the poor efficiency of lobe

Ecoflux* Corrugated Tube Heat Exchanger

Ecoflux Corrugated Tube Heat Exchangers (CTHE) use corrugated tubes instead of smooth tubes. The corrugations induce turbulence in the media and ensure high Reynolds number even at low velocity. The development of corrugated tube is perhaps the most exc

Aseptic Fillers

In order to satisfy the demands of the modern food-processing sector HRS Process Systems has taken a decisive step in the integration of technologies. We have developed an integrated system which combines their innovative Hygienic Piston Pump, Unicus ??

Pre-heaters & Pasteurisation Systems

HRS Process System Ltd. Offers Specialized Solutions For Pre-Heating And Pasteurisation Of Fruit Pulp. Concentrated Fruit Pulp Normally Has High Fiber And Sugar Content And Also Contains Considerable Plant Cellular Material As Compared To Juice. HRS ECOFL