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The GMT CMM is the culmination of decades of experience in metrology and machine tools. These CMM's combine accuracy with functionality and practicality and are the ideal measurement systems for small-to-medium sized general mechanic and prismatic components.A wide variety of accessories that are state-of-the-art and suited for all dimensional inspection tasks are available. All GMT 3D CMM's are designed and manufactured with proven technology and come fitted with air bearings to ensure accuracy, reliability and repeatability.The structure of the machine has been designed such that it accurate to less than 5 microns. Computer Aided Accuracy and upgradation to Direct Computer Controlled (DCC) are possible.Dimensional stability in a wide temperature range makes granite one of the best known natural materials used in dimensional metrology. GMT has 4 decades of experience in finishing granite for this application.

Flat Lapping Machines

Flat Lapping Machines achieve positive sealing by obtaining high degree of flatness and surface finish gmt lapping machines.GMT started manufacturing lapping & polishing machine in 1971. It was built for in-house use and until then hand lapping process was used for finishing surface plates. Critical parts for our workholding devices required a finishing and buffing machine. There was demand in the market for valve lapping and lapping plates. Since GMT had a captive ferrous foundry, castings for lap plate and lapping machine were easier to source. Since then gmt has become one of India's largest lapping machine manufacturers and suppliers with over 350 installations throughout India mainly to the valve and pump industry. When a buyer in Japan wanted a super finishing machine for lapping large granite plates, gmt designed and supplied a 3000mm dia flat lapping machine.Pump manufacturers, electronic industries, valve manufacturers, etc., have found a sure way of obtaining positive sealing.

Belt grinders Machine

Belt Grinding Machines achieve rates of high production efficiency, quality finish and economy which cannot be achieved by any other method of grinding or polishing. For example, by changing grit sizes, a machine may be converted from a heavy duty grinder to a fine micropolisher.Belt grinding machines can be adopted for semi-automatic or fully automatic working. Further, in most applications, belt grinding imposes less strain on the workpiece when compared to other forms of grinding. Cracking, burning etc, do not occur during the process of belt grinding.elt Grinding Machines may be broadly classified according to the backing used as :Platen Grinding Machines. Contact Wheel Grinding Machines.    Free Belt Grinding Machines. Centreless Grinding Machines.


Actuating Cylinders

These cylinders are designed for actuating the high speed chucks on CNC lathes.Pneumatic Rotating Cylinder is designed to actuate the work-holding devices. The Cylinder works at maximum pressure of 10 Kgf/cm26). The cylinder is mounted on the rear side of the spindle. The piston moves the drawbar, or the rod attached to it, axially. This axial movement can be utilized for operating the chuck or the fixtures. The body of the GMT pneumatic cylinder is made of aluminium alloy of high quality, is light, and is specially treated to take large loads. download data.Hollow Rotary High Speed Hydraulic Cylinders with Safety valve and stroke monitor. These cylinders are designed for actuating the high speed chucks on CNC lathes.The design of the cylinder is such that the distributor shaft rotates on special ball bearings. The special bearings facilitate the cylinder to be started at very high speed. The body of the GMT make Hollow Rotary High Speed Cylinder is made from aluminium alloy casting. Available in sizes 100, 130 and 150 Ø mm.


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Electro-Mechanical Actuators

Used for clamping of components on fixtures on Special Purpose Machines. Electro-Mechanical Actuators - U : Electro-Mechanical Actuators - U are meant primarily for use on rotating work spindles where there are restrictions on the use of pneumatic or hydraulic rotating cylinders for the actuation of power chucks, expanding mandrels, collets etc. It can rotate maximum upto 3000 rpm.Electro Mechanical Actuator - UF : Electro Mechanical Actuator - UF have been developed as a time saver for quick and efficient clamping and de-clamping of arbors on machines (milling machines, boring machines etc.) which have steep, self-releasing taper on the spindle. Where a number of tools are to be used for an operation, GMT EMA enables the work to be completed in a single set-up. Use of this Electro Mechanical Actuator ensures fast and quick change of tool and cuts non-productive time drastically. Since the operation on the work piece is finished in one set-up, in process inventory is reduced.

Metrology Products

GMT manufactures surface plates, angle plates, box angle plates, straight edges, bench centres and other metrology products.
Granite Surface Plates : Granite Surface Plates are manufactured in five grades. The typical application of these five grades of plates is : GRADE 00 as per DIN : 876 : 84 is of laboratory grade, GRADE 0 is of inspection grade, GRADE 1 is of tool room grade and GRADE 2 & 3 are intended for use in shops for general inspection.Granite Master Square : Made of Fine Black,Metrology Grade Granite, GMT 6-Face Master Squares is used on any work that requires the checking of squareness or parallelism. Master squares has 6 finished faces . One large square face is finished flat and perpendicular to the four sides, which are parallel and perpendicular to one another.

Manual Chucks

The conventional range of hand operated chucks. These sturdily built chuck delivers high gripping force. The conventional bevel gear and scroll have been replaced by a worm & worm wheel to operate the jaws. The worm & wormwheel and the circular cam gives the chuck an amazingly high mechanical advantage and gripping power. download data.Hand Operated Independent Jaw Chuck : GMT Hand Operated Independent Jaw Chuck is used to hold irregular shape of components and concentricity is adjustable as required. It delivers high gripping force. All GMT Manual chucks are suitable for HMT, BECO, Vertical Turret Lathes.

Custom Built Chucks

Power Operated Eccentric Compensating Chuck has been specially designed for machining forgings and black bars between center. These chucks are essentially designed where the component is located between centres. One on the chuck body and one on the tail stock of the machine.Eccentric Compensating Chuck with Retractable Jaw (PER) : Power Operated Eccentric Compensating Chuck with three / two retractable jaw chuck permits shafts, bars, forgings to be machined full length in one set up, centre to centre. In the first operation the component is gripped on the jaws. In the finishing operation the jaws are retracted and the component is driven by the face driver and OD is machined.

Power Chucks

These chucks without through bore can be used as a replacement for manual chucks on a conventional lathe to increase the productivity. These can be actuated by hydraulic, pneumatic or electro- mechanical actuators.The actuating unit imparts a linear motion of the wedge is transformed to radial movement of base jaws. This transformation provides a mechanical advantage of 1:4. This ensures a minimum of 1:2 mechanical advantage after providing for internal losses, self locking effect and losses in gripping power at high speed.: these chucks With Through Bore are designed to rotate at high speeds on CNC lathes. The compact construction of the PHNC Chucks offer further advantage of less weight and low inertia which have positive influence on the dynamic effect of CNC machine spindle.These chucks have a large through bore and are therefore suitable for bar work. The weight of the base jaws and top jaws are reduced in these chucks. This not only reduces the mass but also lowers the centre of gravity, thus minimizing centrifugal losses.

Rotary Indexing Tables

Rotary Indexing Tables gmt  Rotary Indexing Tables for accurate positioning.Hydraulic Rotary Indexing Tables : Hydraulic Rotary Indexing Tables (315mmØ to 1000mmØ) fitted with imported Hirth couplings, are designed for use on Special Purpose Machines, which ensure accurate indexing and repeated positioning. Both Universal (Maximum 8 indexing stations) and Fixed indexing models are available. An adjustable speed-control is available. Clockwise or anti-clockwise rotation is optionally available.Pneumatic Rotary Indexing Tables : Pneumatic Rotary Indexing Tables (160mmØ to 315mmØ) fitted with imported Hirth couplings, are designed for use on Special Purpose Machines, which ensure accurate indexing and repeated positioning. Both Universal (Maximum 8 indexing stations) and Fixed indexing models are available. An adjustable speed-control is available. Clockwise or anti-clockwise rotation is optionally available.

GMT Cutting Tools

GMT the World's Most Comprehensive Range of Carbide Threading Inserts. None of the large cemented carbide manufacturers have anywhere near the same range as that available from GMT. The reason is simple. Threading is a fairly small part of all machining operations, and has been neglected by major carbide companies who offer only a limited range of the most common profiles.On the other hand GMT has a range that covers all of the threads used throughout the world. The main product range is concentrated on inserts and toolholders for threading. In simpe terms, GMT is a specialist.Sintered-in-Chipbreakers.Few manufacturers can offer threading inserts with sintered-in-chipbreakers. But GMT can. The advantage of sintered-in chipbreakers is that a greater freedom is available in designing the chipbreaker geometry. And the opportunities suddenly open up for producing the optimum chipbreaker form even on threading inserts.Full-profile Inserts for the Perfect Thread.The GMT full-profile insert has the entire thread profile formed in the insert in accordance with standard specifications. And since the insert has the complete profile, the thread produced will be perfectly formed , concentric and free from burrs.