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The range of Blood component separation equipment and Hi-Volume Centrifuges are designed for Blood bags, large capacity centrifuge tubes and bottles. These centrifuges are mainly used in chemical and pharmaceutical processing, Biotech Labs, Blood Banks et

Digital Magnetic Stirrers

These equipment are intended for stirring solutions of low viscosity in open or closed vessels. Stirring is accomplished by a magnetised tefloncoated paddle to be placed in the container. Each apparatus of this group can be operated on a bench, a stand or

Orbital Shaker

Eltek Orbital Shaker offers features for your applications making it a versatile tool for your laboratory. The bench top orbital shaker is ideal for a variety of applications including cultivating micro organisms, production of basic chemicals, solvents a


Power on/off switch with fuse protections Smooth varible speed control Direction selector (Clock Wise - Counter Clock Wise)Viscosity selector (High - Low)Compact sleek stainless steel housing,Reset Button

Vortex Mixer

The unit is meant for quick and thorough out mixing of liquids in test tubes, small flasks or bottles. The mixer consists of an enamel finished housing containing the motor with an eccentric drive to a rubber buffer on the top. The tube is held against th