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Incorporated in the year 2014, We Treffer Power System Solution Pvt. Ltd. are one of the noted manufacturers, exporters, importers and suppliers of an immersed collection of Power Systems & Solutions. Our product assemblage comprises of Detuned Filter Panels, Filter Panels and Harmonic Filter Panels, which are manufactured with the help of supreme quality raw materials that are procured from our dependable and trustworthy vendors. To keep with their quality standards, we make sure that all the predefined industry guidelines are followed. Also, we are widely applauded for our reliable after-sales services.

We are backed by a state-of-the-art infrastructure facility that is equipped with advance and latest technology based machines and equipment. Our workspace and all the operations are managed by a team of experienced and well-trained professionals, who work in complete co-ordination with each other. We import from Germany & Singapore and export in Zambia, Kenya, Dubai, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Om

LT Heavy Duty Capacitors

MKP-/MKPg-type capacitors are based on a low-loss dielectric formed by pure polypropylene film. A thin self-healing mixture of zinc and aluminium is metallized directly on one side of the PP-film Vacuum.Our long-term experience as well as on going research and improvements in this technology ensure the excellent self-healing characteristics of the dielectric and a long operating life of our capacitors.

HT heavy duty special capacitors

 Keeping with its tradition of completely dry products. ELECTRONICON has launched the first MV Surge Capacitor in self-healing technology.The DSC surge voltage protection capacitor (”surge capacitor”) is the ideal solution for limiting transient overvoltages.In combinati-on with the PD-free layout.The self-healing dielectric provides for extremely long operating life and highest operational safety.Thanks to the solid polyurethane filling. The DSC can be installed in any mounting position. Moreover, there are no liquids to threaten the enviroment or to be considered during disposal at the end of operational life.

HT Air Core Reactors

Treffer Power System Solution Pvt Ltd reactor windings consist of numerous aluminum or copper conductors connected in parallel.These conductors can be insulated single wires, insulated cables or alumininum profiles separated by fiberglass spacers. The cost-effective Solution to be selected, in terms of dimensions and conductor type to be used in each design, depends on the required ratings for the equipment.For encapsulated design, the conductors are mechanically immobilized and Encapsulated by epoxy impregnated fiberglass filaments forming cylinders.Depending on the reactor ratings, one or more of these cylinders are connected in parallel between aluminum or copper spiders. The individual cylinders are separated by fiberglass spacers forming cooling Ducts. F+155 C & H-180 C Class.

HT Iron Core Reactors

Our filter reactors are made of high-class transformer sheets and copper wire or aluminum band.They are dried and impregnated in vacuum with environment friendly low-styrole resin which ensures they can withstand high voltages. have low noise levels, and offer a long operating life.Depending on their rated power, the reactors are provided with either terminal blocks or terminal lugs/cables.The connection of the aluminium reactors is made through copper terminals as well, which are reliably connected with the aluminium band by a special, well-proven welding method.


APFC PFR-X (for contactor based)

The PFR-X power factor controller calculates the active and reactive power in the mains from the measured current and voltage.The intelligent control algorithm optimizes the switching sequences and guarantees for short regulation times with minimum number of switchings.At the same time, switching operations are equally shared among the available capacitor branches where possible.The integrated connection control immediately detects in which phase voltage and current are measured, and adapts the entire system automatically.The very low current threshold of 10mA allow for very reliable and exact PF control.1A as well as 5A current transform can be used without additional manual adjustments.The power supply cover a voltage range of 90....550V.


Capacitor duty Contactor

Design Magnetic, three phase, with pre-load contacts for inrush protection Voltage range Umains = 400...440V (other voltages available on request) Control Voltage 220...240V (Other voltage available on request) Mounting DIN hat rail W x H = 35 x 7.5mm or base mounting lugs for 5mm screw Snap-on auxiliary contacts available on request IEC947-4-1. EN60947-4-1, VDE0660 Standards.



T-RTPFC panel

T-RTPFC panel is an integration of CRCA powder coated MS Sheet enclosure , fully wired with Self healing MPP capacitor & Reactor , capacitor duty Thyristor, fan,APFCR, all switchgears, with IP protection , busbar AL/CU, with IEC STD, a) The thyristor switched contactor shall be capable of handling the continuous current of 130% of the rated capacitor current at rated voltage of 415V. The blocking voltage of the thyristor switch during off Condition should be minimum 1800 Volt peak. Every thyristor switch should be capable of handling the dv/dt of 2000 Volts/ S. b) The thyristor switched contactor used shall turn on at zero differential voltage across it. This zero differential voltage tolerance shall not exceed 6 Volts peak value around zero. c) The time delay between turn off and subsequent turn on should be as minimum as possible and in the range of milliseconds. There should not be any discharge devices across capacitor that can exceed the watt loss of more than 30 watt.



APFC Panel is an integration of CRCA powder coated MS Sheet enclosure, fully wired with self healing HT capacitor, Vacuum contactor, fan, APFCR, all switchgears, with IP protection, busbar AL/CU, with IEC STD.


Active Harmonic Filters Panel

 The Smallest Ecosine Active Version is Ideal for the reliable compensation up to the 50th harmonic, as well as reactive power, in a targeted manner.Thanks to its compact dimensions and low weight, this filter can be easily installed in any environment.For protectionclass requirements up to IP54 both wall and cabinet installation are possible.Not only space saving, it is also economical in terms of power loss with only 1300W.With a response time of less than 300 s in ultra-fast mode, it is also possible to optimally compensate dynamic loads.


Hybrid Harmonic Filter Panel

Active : IGBT-Based Power Converter that reduces harmonic distortion Hybrid : Combination of passive and active filters Reduces THD upto 5% to 8% Dynamic Correction of THD is Possible Improves Distortion PF Load Balancing and Displacement PF improvement Possible Modular - Can be expanded along with the load


3 phase + Neutral EMC/EMI Line filters

Compact filter for mains input of cabinets and control equipment.Designed for applications like machine tools to sensitive medical installations.Combines excellent attenuation with very low operating leakage current <1mA.Solid touch-save terminal blocks up to 200 A.
Attenuation performance: standard, high, very high. Motor power : 2.2 to 315 kW. Operating frequency : up to 60 Hz
Rated current : 3to 600 A. Voltage : up to 520 VAC


Sine Wave Output Filter

Sine Wave Output Filter:Smooth sine wave without voltage peaks.Protects motor winding insulation against over- and dv / dt voltage stress.Reduces motor heating, magnetic and eddy current losses.Improvement of system reliability.Reduces bearing currents.Applied when multiple motors are controlled by one VSD.Ideal for retrofit and long motor cable installations.Versions with common-mode interference reduction


Janitza Relay

They are among the favored choice of our esteemed customers, which engage in the manufacture, import, export and supply of Energy Management Systems. Owing to the reliable performance, the proposed assemblage is widely used for monitoring energy in the industrial plants. Clients can obtain the assortment in numerous specifications.


Power Quality Audit

Treffer Power System Pvt Ltd are considered a renowned name in the industry that provides Power Quality Analysis Services. Our reliable services are suitable for efficient mains monitoring & analysis and include support for unbalance – v, i & w, transient inrush current and panel mounted display meter. Provided at affordable rates, our services are also demanded in electrical, automotive & steel industries and sugar factories.