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About Us

In 1959, the manufacturing facility of the company was set-up at under the aegis of M/s Toshniwal Instruments, Ajmer, under the leadership of renowned Scientist, (Late) Dr. G.R. Toshniwal. Within a short span of time, Toshniwal House became a recognized leader in the field of Instrumentation. The name ‘Toshniwal’ is synonymous with the word ‘Quality Instruments’.

Base Metal Thermocouples

These thermocouples are used for temperature measurement providing convenient and versatile devices used to measure temperature. These are sensing devices for measurement, control and recording of temperature from -200°C to +1200°C. These are available in two basic designs: Straight type & Angle Type. Angle type Thermocouples are used when it is not convenient to use Straight Type Thermocouples.

Rare Metal Thermocouples

Toshniwal Sensors design, supply, maintain and service a broad range of glass customer specified high temperature thermocouples around the globe. In fact almost all is possible; thermocouples with single/double and triple type S, R or B element, thermo element wire diameters from 0.15mm to 0.5mm; Protective thimbles made from pure Pt, PtRh10% and PtRh13%; Precious metal thimbles from diameter of 6mm up to 12mm or even more; Wall thickness starting from 0.2mm; thermocouple length & dimension according to needs & demands.

Mineral Insulated Thermocouple

We are the manufacturers and Suppliers of Mineral Insulated Thermocouple. These Thermocouples comprise of a metal sheath in which the thermo-electric elements are embedded in highly compressed Magnesium Oxide (MgO) insulation, thus providing the elements complete protection against oxidation & corrosion. The thermocouple is constructed with high level integrity suited to arduous operating conditions. It provides high accuracy and stability with fast response and high insulation resistance.


For temperature measurement in the range, -200°C to + 850°C Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD) is preferred to Thermocouple and other sensors because of its higher accuracy, reliability, compact size and faster response. RTDs are available with single or double resistance elements and in 2, 3 or 4 wire circuits. Various types of protection sheaths for protection of the element and screw-in threaded bushes either fixed (welded) or adjustable by screws (for non-pressure application) or by compression fitting (for pressure application) for mounting are available.

Mineral RTD

Mineral Insulated RTDs provide excellent performance, even when exposed to high levels of vibration and shock in tough industrial environment. The configuration for MI RTD is available in Simplex and Duplex, insulated with MgO. The sheathing of the assemblies is available in SS 316

Shimaden PID & Temperature Controllers

At Shimaden, we have established an “Inspector authorization System” in order to offer products with stable quality. Authorized inspectors conduct specified checks on all products, and we ship out only approved products. By acquiring the International Standard ISO9001 quality guarantee and Environmental Standard ISO14001, we strive to maintain and improve our quality as well as place importance on the environment. We are also slated to upgrade our UL certification mark (US), CE mark (EU), etc.

Online Infrared Measurement Pyrometers

Online infrared measurement provides fast digital pyrometers and provides Non-Contact Measurement. They even feature waterproofing ability in compliance with IP 67. The infrared Radiation Thermometer is a combination of highly Durable Sensors and precision Camera Optics.

Two Colour Pyrometers

We offer a Wide Range of Non Contact Infrared Pyrometers made in Germany with State of Art Technology. Pyrometers have high Accuracy, Repeatability, wide Spectral Range to cover almost all applications.

High Speed Pyrometers

High speed Two Colour pyrometers are designed to measure temperature of very fast moving objects. These are digital and have very fast response of less than 80µs and can take more than 25000 measurements in a second. These have got highest accuracy and repeatability.

Infrared Line Cameras Pyroline

PYROLINE stands for high-quality and long-lasting fixed infrared line cameras for non-contact temperature measurement of temperature profiles in industry and research. We offer you different temperature ranges and spectral ranges for the optimal solution of your measurement problem. Additionally there are various housing variants and lenses for different purposes. All DIAS PYROLINE infrared line cameras are developed and manufactured in Germany. They are suitable for industrial continuous operation.

Solid State Relays

A solid state relay (SSR) is a non-contact semiconductor control component where the input side and output side are isolated like an electromagnetic relay (EMR), and a function which matches the ON/OFF of the input and output is provided for switching electric circuits ON/OFF using semiconductor devices. SSRs are not only used in industrial machinery, such as machining centers and industrial robots, but are also widely used in the following fields which support electric appliances and our daily lives.

High Temperature Furnace Camera

The product palette was expanded in 1995 starting the manufacture of a unique series of “High-Temperature-CCD/FPA-Camera systems” with integrated temperature measurement under the trade name "PyroViper". Combining up to three built-in multi-spectral area sensors, these technology-leading instruments provide new possibilities to improve industrial processes concerning product quality, energy efficiency, reduced pollution and maintenance cost by deliverying visual monitorization of the high-temperature scenario and optionally temperature measurement everywhere in the image.

Kiln Shell Scanner

In 1986 introduced  a complete PC-based system solution for surveillance of the kiln shell temperature in cement plants. Many hundreds have been sold world-wide with enormous success ever since under different trade names (e.g. “GTCS™”, “DAP™”, “TCEM™”, “KTS™”, “CEMAT-SCAN™”, “TCEM-NT™”, “KTCx-2000™”, ...) by reputable companies like AGEMA®, Krupp-Polysius® and Siemens®, among others,