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About Us

 Techinstro Automation is an enterprise with experience in engineering & management in electronic and automotive industries, has stepped into manufacturing, distributing, and supplying catalytic emission control products used in on and off-road machineries & stationary engines. We are catering to clients worldwide within regulatory compliance. Our product range includes Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF), (DOC) Diesel Oxidation Catalyst, Three ways Catalytic Converter, Monolith Ceramic Honeycomb, Silicon Carbide Honeycomb, ITO on plastic sheet, EMI shielding Sheet, etc. We can supply products according to customer's drawings, samples, & performance requirement. Our experts are always willing to help patrons find appropriate solution and options. They will also customise solutions depending on your unique requirement; whether you are looking for high quality emission reduction products in automation industry or solutions and products for electronics industry, talk to us or send an email. We promise you of prompt response. Send your enquiry or requirement on mail. You can talk to us if you need any kind of assistance regarding the product.


Three way catalytic converter

Catalytic Converters are an important part of a vehicle's emission control system as it removes nitrogen oxides (NO X, x=1,2,3) and carbon monoxide (CO), and unburned hydrocarbons which are harmful gases from the combustion residues before releasing it in the air, polluting the environment.  It's a technology that controls exhaust emissions from stoichiometric CNG, LPG, & gasoline engines etc. Three-way catalytic mufflers, control carbon monoxide (CO), hydrocarbons (HC), and nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions bringing them down almost by 90-99% along with meeting all emission standards. Techinstro Automation supplies widest range of 3 way catalytic converters to customers for all types of vehicles. We cater to global audience and our trade markets extend to Southeast Asia, South Asia, Northern Europe, Western Europe, Africa, Eastern Europe, Oceania, South America, Southern Europe, Central America and North America. We supply catalytic converter as per the current Euro norms or as per the client requirement if they need existing Euro norm set by their country.

Excellent coating adherence we provide avoids catalyst peel-off, eliminates blockage, and keeps OBD at bay. Three-way catalytic converters we supply can be used on all on-road, off road, industrial installations and machinery. Engine Compliance standards; suitable for petrol, diesel, and general engines. Available in width 20mm to 300 mm; in oval, round, and rectangular shape as per requirement. Substrate material used is ceramic honeycomb or metal (alloy of stainless steel) honeycomb.
Underfloor Catalytic Converter – This one has to be positioned on the under-floor of vehicle. Manifold or Close Coupled Catalytic Converter is designed in way as to fit directly to the vehicle's manifold where exhaust gases are hotter. Then there is a type of Catalytic Converter that is part of the manifold and is therefore positioned where the exhausts gases are at their hottest.


Diesel Oxidation Catalyst, DOC Emission Reduction

Diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) is an after treatment device designed specifically for diesel powered engines and equipment that aids in converting CO and hydrocarbons into Carbon Dioxide & water vapour.Techinstro Automation offers simple yet highly effective DOC solutions to meet Stage VI and Tier 6 Interim/Final emissions standards.
DOCs supplied here are easy to install, inexpensive, demands least maintenance and no additional control from the machine operator. They’re suitable for all types and applications of diesel engines; we supply DOC in M series, D series, and Q-Doc series.M-Series catalysts are used on large displacement engines or when client demands metal substrates. D series are designed to extend performance of diesel catalytic converters into the low temperature range. They are recommended to control HC, DPM and CO in all temperature ranges. Odour is nearly eliminated.  They  supply DOC to customers as per their required engine capacity, type of fuel, engine displacement and torque in compact yet flexible design. Used in Agricultural tractors, tele-handlers, Access Platforms, Trenchers, Skid steer loaders, excavators, loaders and more...our other product comprises the rough and tough industrial and electric power engines. They are designed to work around the clock irrespective of environmental conditions. They are made using latest and reliable technology that provides clean and quiet power; and meets Stage VI/Tier 6 and lower stage Final emission standards.


Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF), Seller Diesel Particulate Filter

A Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) is a system/device that eliminates diesel particulate matter (DPM) or soot, from the exhaust of diesel engines. Although diesel machineries have gained popularity over the years because of advanced diesel engine technology and the excellent fuel economy they offer, they have drawn lot of flak for causing environmental damage.  NOx & particulate emissions are reported to be very high in diesel operated automation.Introduction of Diesel Particulate Filters (also referred to as DPFs, FAPs) have proved to be a huge leap forward by automotive manufactures towards green initiative.  Techinstro Automation is highly reliable manufacturer and supplier of DPF for vehicles as well as off road equipments. Made with optimum grade aluminium titan, we initially developed and supplied DPF made using electrical regeneration; presently we apply several regeneration methods to meet retrofit needs. Our Diesel Particulate Filters are made using highly advanced and effective emissions reduction technology that removes around 85% to 90% of particulate matter.
These DPF’s are easy to install, offer durability, and are corrosion resistant. Other features include automatic and fast regeneration, least interference in usage routine, special kit eases integration, Filter offers long loading period etc.

Ceramic Honeycomb

Ceramic Honeycomb is a newly developed porous industrial ceramic product used in industrial field. If offers better corrosion resistance and heat functions, higher air vent rate. Also forms key part for heat storage HTAC (High Temperature Air Combustion) technology. It is being highly demanded by RTO, heat exchanger and other environmental protection. It is also required by industries into purifying industrial waste gas, automobile emission, eliminating noise, waste water, to filter metal liquid, manufacture of infrared ray instruments and so on.
Techinstro Automation trades and supplies qualitative & optimum grade ceramic honeycomb, manufactured using premium quality of raw material and cutting edge ethnology in compliance with leading industry standards & norms. We also accept orders for ceramic honeycombs in customized dimensions, cell density; delivering sizes and specifications as required by clients worldwide in a range of lot sizes. We supply ceramic honeycomb in various shapes like cuboidal, cylindrical and oval. The range of cell density is 100 cpsi (Cell per square inch), 200 cpsi, 400cpsi and 600cpsi. The wall thickness is varying according to the cell density of product. Mainly Cordierite or mulite material uses for the ceramic honeycomb as a MOC. Ceramic honeycombs supplied are tested by our quality controllers and experts before consignment is dispatched to clients. The wide range of products that we offer is used in petrochemical, automotive and aerospace industries. Ceramic Honeycombs supplied by us are at industry leading prices and assure client of features ranging from dimension accuracy, strong thermal shock resistance, longer functionality, high mechanical strength, larger surface area, high porosity, open frontal area etc. They can work in high temperature, and offer good thermal conductivity.

ITO PET film, ITO coated plastic price, ITO film

Techinstro automation supply a wide range of optically clear ito coated pet films. These clear, conductive liquid/film are used as coating on a flexible plastic (pet) sheet. They also deal in supply of ito pet sheets that are used in scientific research and lcd/oled manufacture. Only one side of ito coated pet plastic is coated in ito, which enables it to be used flat of a blade. It's not possible to solder toito coated pet plastic, but conductive inks, paints, copper tape with conductive adhesive can be used; also alligator clips to connect. Our products offer good conductivity, ideal for shielding material, oxidation resistance, corrosion & wear and tear resistance, simple installation, competitively pricing. We offer to customize pet sheet roll as per individual client requirement;they are used in computer, household appliances, telecommunications, calculators, electronics toys and various electronic controllers and other field. Pet sheet roll supplied by uspromise absolute protection for safeguard of sensitive electronic parts, printed circuit boards, even pin insertions & other highly electrically sensitive equipment.It Is known to have long life and doesn’t get affected by temperature.

EMI shielding sheet

Techinstro Automation is global supplier of EMI Shielding Sheets also called EMI protection sheet made with best materials, adhering to strict quality control. EMI Shielding Sheets facilitate easy application & high performance pressure sensitive adhesive; provides excellent aging resistance both indoors and outdoors. Low moisture vapours transmission rate results in enhanced sealing/patching performance; protected by an easy-release silicone release paper. EMI Shielding Sheets we supply are used forall types of transformers, mobile phones, computers, PDA, PDP, LED monitors, laptop computer, photocopiers and other electronic products for electromagnetic shielding. They are also widely used for refrigerator, air conditioner, automobile, petrochemical, bridges, hotels, construction, decoration and other industries.Techinstro Automation also specializes in printing & precision die cutting of EMI shielding sheets in customized shapes and sizes.  Used for Cell phone, Communication equipment, Laptop and PDA, Medical apparatus, other electronic products etc. They  also supply EMI shielding copper sheets, thickness 0.009mm -3mm, width 10mm-1380mm available in 400-500 kg/roll, Density: 8.9g/cm³; Thermal conductivity (200C):390W/ (m0C) etc.